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Debasing The Dialogue (April 14, 2014)

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C          “Too much commentary today is an ‘elbow-jerk’ cut and paste operation.  The citizen who questions whether the government should subsidize and encourage the crimes of the bankers and financial brigands is branded a ‘populist’ and a promoter of ‘populism’.”

D          “Populist notions should be more popular.  The dismissive missives also include a subtext that the person does not really understand economics, business and finance.  Just trust that the emperor is sporting natty attire and doing good and go on your way.”

C          “The blue serge suit hides the red devil.  Time magazine published a fawning piece in February, 1999 about three brigands – Summers, Greenspan and Rubin – and failed to warn the reader let alone even acknowledge the fraud these characters were fomenting on the public.”

D          “At least Yellen is a gal.  God and others know that the boys just do not get economics, business and finance.  They know how to exploit and plunder, but not how to contribute and develop.”

C          “She is doing things the same old way without acknowledging the fundamental problems.”

D          “The same old, same old is getting old.”

. . .

C          “The citizen who questions whether the United States should be aggressively engaged in a variety of wars with no real goal or strategy is dismissed as an ‘isolationist’ and a promoter of ‘isolationism’.”

D          “And of course not a realist or a highly coveted Realpolitiker.  And not someone whose contentions should be considered by reasonable folks.”

C          “Some people want to drop bucks and some people want to drop bombs.”

D          “We dump bucks and bombs.  Some folks are troubled that we finance dictators and then in time attack them.”

. . .

D          “Kill ‘em all and let God sort ‘em out seems to be the policy.”

C          “For some characters, blind ideology controls.  The issue turns on whether God is in the public sector or in the private sector.”

D          “Now there is one for you. God qua contractor.  Miller Act bonds and Davis-Bacon wage scales would drive God batty.  I can see the headline now: ‘God Overbills For Sorting Them Out: Congressional Inquiry Scheduled.’”

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Bumper stickers of the week:

Kill ‘em all and let God sort ‘em out

Keep calm and panic

“I Hate Obama.” The Trip Hammer Of Hate Tolls Without Toll And With Toll (March 10, 2014)

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“I hate Obama.”

“I hate Obama.”

“I hate Obama.”

“I hate Obama.”

“I hate Obama.”

“I hate Obama.”

“I hate Obama.”

“I hate Obama.”

“I hate Obama.”

“I hate Obama.”

“I hate Obama.”

“I hate Obama.”

“I hate Obama.”

“I hate Obama.”

“I hate Obama.”

“I hate Obama.”

“I hate Obama.”

“I hate Obama.”

“I hate Obama.”

“I hate Obama.”

“I hate Obama.”

“I hate Obama.”

“I hate Obama.”

“I hate Obama.”

“I hate Obama.”

. . .

1          “That derision foments fifty percent (50%) of the journalistic product and by-product foisted on the public today.” 

2          “The attacks long ago degenerated from puerile to juvenile to infantile.”

1          “The unrelenting trip hammer only tolls between tolls and takes a toll on the security and well-being of the Republic.  The insecurities of the Carpers are actually undermining our national security by making the country look polarized, petulant and petty.”

2          “Some people repeat a statement to convince themselves.  Think about Shakespeare’s frequently quoted observation on protests.  These Haters are convinced and consumed.  Some statements must be repeated five times to convince another person.  The screeching screed is repeated five hundred million times to indoctrinate the populace.”

1          “It is a mantra and a motto and a motivating speech.”

2          “You cannot say ‘I hate Blacks’, so they do the next most effective thing.”

. . .

2          “If Obama offers some positive sentiments on Mother’s Day, the Haters scream that he hates fathers.”

1          “He should satisfy the Carpers because he has promoted national security over personal liberty at every opportunity, yet there is nothing rational or logical about the attacks on him.”

2          “And others who do not congenitally hate him contend that Obama is presiding over the fourth term of the Bush administration.  Talk about being caught between a rock and a rock.”

1          “He is caught between a hard place and a hard place.  The hard truth is that the American people will accept an attack by ‘the terrorists’ while a Republican is in the White House, but the American people will not accept an attack by ‘the terrorists’ while a Democrat is in the White House.”

2          “Especially because a Black is in the White House.”

. . .

1          “Historians trying to make sense of today’s politics need to account for a powerful cabal of politicians, commentators and corporate brigands who exist to hate and harass Obama at every opportunity all the time in every forum.”

2          “The hate is so vile, venal, virulent and visceral.”

1          “I thought that the disdain for the Irish was in remission with the election of the second Irish President, yet the revulsion is there in spades.”

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[See the “e-ssay” titled On Respect, Fear, Admiration and Irreverence (December 17, 2007).]

Bumper stickers of the week:

I hate myself; I hate Obama

O’Bama:  Fe8Au8?

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America’s Frazzled First Amendment (January 13, 2014)

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L1        “The right-wing majority on the Supreme Court has devolved a simple formula for First Amendment analysis:  Who is making the statement and what statement is he, she or it making?  A corporation is extended any and all protection that advances its interests and shields it from liability under the guise of the First Amendment.  An individual is extended First Amendment protection only to the extent that his or her speech is acceptable to the right-wing majority on the Supreme Court.”

L2        “With a few exceptions.”

L1        “A few, but very few exceptions.  The oral argument this week at the Supreme Court involving the reasonable and safe distance between protestors and citizens entering an abortion clinic is less about the First Amendment and more about efforts by the right-wing majority to restrict abortion.”

L2        “Restrict abortion by restricting access.”

. . .

L1        “Some bonehead judges shield the fraudulent statements and misrepresentations of rating agencies’ such as Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s and Fitch with First Amendment protection.  A fraudulent statement advanced with the intent to deceive is not entitled to any constitutional protection even if it is advanced by a corporation rather than an individual.”

L2        “The next step by some judges is to insulate any statements however deceptive or fraudulent by other specific industries such as the oil and gas, pharmaceutical, and agricultural industries from liability by bestowing First Amendment protection on them.”

. . .

L2        “The O’Bama Administration has maintained the hostile attitude and increased aggressive actions against whistleblowers and those challenging often illegal government shenanigans.  The executive branch contributes to the problem not to the solution.”

L1        “Their dismissive treatment of the press is taken from Tricky Dick’s play book.  The White House is Fort O’Bama.”

. . .

L1        “Congress could address most of these problems with legislation that most courts would honor and enforce.  Legislation including the USA PATRIOT Act and the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 should be reviewed and amended.”

L2        “Seems that all three branches are a threat to the people today.”  

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[See the “e-ssays” titled in particular The Supreme Court On Drugs (June 25, 2007), Bill/Melinda and Warren, It Is Time To Get Into The Game (January 25, 2010), Corporations United (Feb. 15, 2010), In Sexy Opinion, Supreme Court Affirms First Amendment (March 7, 2011) and At War With The First Amendment (February 27, 2012); the “e-ssays” at and; and commentary on rating agencies at]

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My Political Ideas                                            Are Too Complex

To Fit On One                                                  Bumper Sticker

Bulk Collection Of Telephony Data. Again. (December 16, 2013)

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L1        “You never know what a Monday will bring.  A federal judge ruled that the NSA’s bulk collection of Americans’ telephony records likely violates the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.”

L2        “You did not hear the word ‘telephony’ in polite parlance two dozen years ago.  The courts must now address the interplay of law with technology far more sophisticated than a pair of soup cans and a string.”

L1        “Most federal judges were ‘Arts and Crafts’ majors in college who may understand Tennyson but really do not understand technology.  Listen to the techs who install IT systems in the state and federal courts.  Some of these judges are still looking for the rotary dial.”

L2        “The government’s reliance on a case from the prehistoric days of telephony – way back in 1979 – is proof positive that the issue must be addressed anew in light of the new technology today.”

L1        “They will need to refer more often to Newton’s Telecom Dictionary than to Black’s Law Dictionary.  That will be fun.”                  

. . .

L1        “Within a fortnight of the Democrats’ decision to require the Senate to ‘advise and consent’ and vote on O’Bama’s appointments to places such as the District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals, the decision will have consequences.  One or more of the new appointees could be assigned to the reviewing tribunal.  If there is en banc review of the three panel decision, there are now more Democrats than Republicans.”

L2        “But will the Democrats defer to their benefactor?  Is there another Republican appellate court judge who may be a fan of the Constitution rather than unchecked federal intrusion?  And we always have the five Supremes who will get to chime in.” 

L1        “Who just don’t get it.  They do not even want to admit that the NSA exists.”

. . .

L1        “Judge Leon (Bush II) overcame the always pernicious ‘Republican Federal Judge Syndrome’ that almost always plagues Republican appointees.  Yet the judge once again displays the occupational hazard of these imperial federal judges.  His opinion is snarky, arrogant, condescending, intemperate, and sloppy.  The screed deserves a B+ for intuiting basic truth, a C- for style and an F for arrogance.”

L2        “When you are going to be courageous, you must be flawless.”

L1        “There are more than a few good women and men who are concerned that collecting the metadata is constitutional and may prevent a great catastrophe.”

L2        “But in the final analysis, there is the Constitution.” 

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[See the “e-ssays” titled USA PATRIOT ACT (April 4, 2005), Less Government Regulation Series: Google (Nov. 30, 2009), Boycott Facebook? (August 2, 2010), Brave 1984 Farm: The Best Of All Possible Worlds (March 19, 2012) and Hero or Traitor? (June 10, 2013) and I Spy, You Spy, They Spy (October 28, 2013).]

[See the “e-ssays” titled Judicial Activism: Rogue Republican Judges (January 28, 2013), The Paradox Of The Republican Federal Judge: Republican Federal Judge Syndrome (September 23, 2013) and Past Time: Exercising The “New Clear Option” (November 25, 2013).]

Bumper stickers of the week:

Free Edward Snowden

Pardon Edward Snowden

Bestow a Presidential Medal of Freedom on Edward Snowden

Quash the sub poena issued to James Risen

Free the Press

In a dozen plus years and without a debate or a vote, technology has deprived us of privacy.  With little debate and many hasty votes, Congress has deprived us of privacy at every opportunity.  We as a society should create a rebuttable presumption in favor of privacy even if it appears to sacrifice security.  Our personal insecurities are actually creating greater national insecurity. 

Immanentizing The Eschaton: Your Supreme Court And The Great Religious War (October 7, 2013)

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L1        “The Supreme Court is engaged in a war between those who do not want to allow others to immanentize the eschaton and those who do want to allow others to immanentize the eschaton.”

L2        “I’ve said that many times.  The five rich White boys – Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, Alito and Kennedy – have already immanentized the eschaton and do not want anyone else except those like them to immanentize the eschaton.”

L1        “They are the Catholic Squad.”

L2        “And the four others also have immanentized the eschaton and yet do want everyone else to be able to immanentize the eschaton.”

L1        “Exactly.  They are the Jewish Squad.  Sotamayer developed concern for the health and welfare of others in her youth and did not immanentize the eschaton until adulthood, so she caucuses with the Jewish Squad.  The Jewish “Big E” Eschaton itself shapes the attitude toward its immanentization.  This life may not be a dress rehearsal.”

L2        “At core, the war at the Supreme Court really is a great religious war.”

. . .

L1        “They are out in left field honing their short game.”

L2        “Yet there are some Catholics who do want to allow others to immanentize the eschaton.  Just none of the current Supreme Beings.”

. . .

[See the other "e-ssays" in the "First Tuesday In October" series at]

Bumper stickers of the week:

“In a recent series of Pushitzer prize winning articles, ‘El Diablo Times Bugle Leader Follower Post Pre Clarion’ reports that after each one took of them took the ultimate senior status and appeared before an even more Supreme Being, Johnny, Tony, Clarence, Sammy and Tony II each were sent straight to the mines with no health or safety apparatus, no lunch breaks, no overtime pay, no air conditioning and no law clerks – none – to bail them out.”

. . .

“Your surprise is not surprising.  We see that reaction all the time.”  “As you know, we did not even entertain the existence of such an ultimate reality.  And a room with a view and room service.  Just because we lead a virtuous life.”  “Indeed.  Really, it’s quite simple.  From our perspective, we look at how you live your life not what you profess to believe.  And perforce, as you know, we know everything.”

Pulitzers Are Pro-War? Pressing The Pushitzers. (April 22, 2013)

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1        “Hearst sure was.  He lobbied via his newspapers to get America involved in a dustup or two.”

2        “You never know, he might have qualified for a Pulitzer.  Their award for Commentary often seems to reward the individual who did the most over the past year to foment, promote and encourage war and discord, albeit usually subtly.”

1        “I envision a ‘war correspondent’ as someone like Martha Gellhorn who chronicled war and was even repelled by it rather than those who advocate and lobby for the start and prosecution of a war.”

2        “Greenhorn that I am, I naively believe that a ‘war correspondent’ who understands war also should comment on the need to prosecute those who start and prosecute an illegal and immoral war.”

1       “The War Lobby is wide-ranging; each industry does its part and takes its pro rata profit.  The Washington Post/The New York Times Pulitzer Prize for Commentary shuffles between The Washington Post Writers Group and The New York Times group of writers with a few stray forays over to the Murdoch Journal and another publication or two.  And favors those who favor war.”

2        “When you think about it, the unprovoked and illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003 could go down in history as ‘The Washington Post/The New York Times War.’”

1        “Or the ‘General Electric/NBC/MSNBC War.’”

2        “Or the ‘ABCNNBCBS War.’”

1        “Or the ‘Fox Fiasco.’  A war spikes ratings.”

2        “And builds bottom lines.  In a generation, the Press has moved from investigating at great financial and personal risk the undermining of democracy in 1973 to supporting the invasion of a sovereign nation in 2003 with great financial and personal reward for the journalists, television folks and others on the inside.”

1        “As they said back in the olden days in ‘73, follow the incentive structure.  The Pulitzer Prize impacts pay, power, prestige, promotions, professorships, and the like.  We need to establish a peace prize for commentary for the journalist who questions the immediate resort to full-scale war and violence for every slight or perceived slight to counterpoise the Pulitzer Commentary War Prize.”

. . .

2       “Remember the scene in ‘Three Little Beers’ where the Three Stooges impersonate reporters to gain entrance to the Rancho Golf Course by using knobs from bathroom fixtures as press passes.  Moe’s and Larry’s read ‘Press’; Curly’s read ‘Pull.’  To get reporters to impersonate reporters, we need to establish something like the Pressitzer Commentary Peace Prize to push against the powerful forces advocating for war and violence.”

1        “What about the ‘Pushitzer Commentary Peace Prize’ to press for the consideration of a peaceful resolution.”

2        “But peace may not be what the editors and publishers want, so the effort may be all for naught.”

1        “The outcome turns on what the readers want.  And will pay for.”

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Bumper stickers of the week:

Earth Day Every Day

Civics Quiz:  “Can you name either the Three Stooges or the three branches of government?”  “Larry, Moe and the Supreme Court.  . . .  Right?”  . . .  “Spanky, Fox and Congress.”  . . .  “Manny, Moe and Jack.”

A press pass is not a pass for the press

If you are not a pacifist, are you an activist?

Give war a chance

Give war a fighting chance

Give war a fighting chance, or I will kill you

Don’t give peace a chance, not even a fighting chance or I will kill you

Judicial Activism: Rogue Republican Judges (January 28, 2013)

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. . .

1          “I can’t say that I like it.”

2          “Me neither.  Smells bad.”

1          “Why is it that the first thing you recognize is that three Republican federal judges concocted the decision.”

2          “Because that is what Republican federal judges do.”

1          “Congress is dysfunctional and inoperative.  The President tries to do something rational consistent with limited Congressional action.  The Republican federal judges in the judicial branch step in and do their part to pummel and constrain the President and the executive branch.”

2          “Congress established the agencies and Congress authorized the funds and Congress appropriated the dollars and then a minority in Congress plays games to keep the President’s appointments from getting in the saddle to run the Congressionally-approved and authorized and appropriated agencies.”

1          “And undermine the actions of the agencies.”

2          “The Republican federal judges take up the ball and undercut the President and the operation of executive branch agencies by proclaiming that the President is playing games.”

1          “Sort of a new take on the old rope-a-dope one–two punch.  Not pretty.”

. . .

1/2       “Courts are increasingly illegitimate, partisan and dishonest.  The day may come when they may need to be disregarded.”

. . .  

2/1       “Journalists typically note the political party and state of a legislator at the first mention of her or his name in an article.  ‘Congressman Billy Bob Jenkins (R-Uranus).’  Articles about court decisions may refer to the politician who appointed the judge in the last few sentences and thus the insight is often among the first sentences to be edited.  In the interests of full disclosure and recognizing that space is always at a premium, articles should note the President who appointed a federal judge in parens at the first reference to a judge or justice.  ‘Chief Justice John Roberts (Bush II)’.”  

. . .

[See the editorial at and the article linked in the piece.]

Bumper stickers of the week:

There is no law; there is only ideology.

Don’t believe anything until it has been officially denied.

Sports Writers: 1 – 0 (January 14, 2013)

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. . .

A          “A mixed group of informed individuals acting individually issued a profound collective indictment.”

1          “In court, the government only determines whether a person is guilty or not guilty, a court does not determine whether a person is innocent.  Yet when you look carefully, far too many courts have found far too many innocent individuals to be guilty.”

A          “Still not a great idea to be Black or Brown and get mixed up in the American judicial system.”

1          “It is to be eschewed.  The government is not and should not be allowed to deprive someone of his or her liberty without proof beyond a reasonable doubt.  The court of public opinion does not need to meet that high threshold when considering those who play on the court or field or pitch.”

A          “The sports writers are akin to an informed group of jurors from all ages, albeit a little older, and backgrounds, albeit a shade White, and world views from different parts of the country.”

1          “On the uniforms, they sport the initials MLB not MDL – the Major Dopers League.”

A          “They can get their own hall of fame, the Hall of Shame.”

1          “I might waive the character requirement and support a scoundrel if he played clean against others who played clean.”

A          “They may also be atoning for the great oversight in the late 1990s when any honest person realized that the guys were juiced and few said anything.  Finding the individual who was not juiced or was not juiced much will be a challenge.  The brush could be too broadly brushed.”           

1          “This is a promising start.  Now if we can get the Norwegian suits to follow suit and not award the Nobel in e-con-omics unless they award it to someone who understands eco-nomics.”

A          “Everyone from Roberts on the Supreme Court to players on the courts succeeds by lyin’ and cheatin’.”

1          “He’s a lawyer-type.  He said that he would call balls and strikes, but keep this in mind.  He never ever said that he would call a ‘ball’ a ‘ball’ only that he would call balls and strikes.”

A          “He and Alito and Thomas and Scalia are having a ball.”

1          “Dishonesty and hypocrisy are so American.”

A          “So human really.  We don’t have a monopoly on it.”

. . .

[See for some international perspective on gun restrictions.]

[See the “e-ssay” titled “Why Johnny And Roger? (April 30, 2012)” and the recent article on the deliberations of the Federal Reserve at and the “e-ssay” at The Kids (At The Fed) Are Not Alright (January 30, 2012).]

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Play ball!

Centrist-Conservative Beats Corporatist-Culture Warrior (November 12, 2012)

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. . .

C1        “Or should the headline read ‘Black And Browns Outwit Whites And Green (Paper).’”

C2       “Or ‘Ascetic Triumphs Over Bully.’  The election was a ‘campaign’ conducted in ‘battleground’ states by ‘operatives’ operating in a ‘war room’ who unwittingly are continuing to prosecute the ‘Great American Civil War.’”

C1        “The ‘Republican Southern Strategy’ is the ‘Republican National Strategy’, yet the Republicans were not able to conquer more than the ‘Contemporary Confederacy.’”

C2       “For two score or perhaps two score and four years since Nixon patented the policy, the ‘Southern Strategy’ was the go to play in the Republican playbook but may now need to be revisited.”

C1        “America is divided between the ‘Educated States’ that vote Blue and the ‘Uneducated States’ that vote Red.  States such as Massachusetts, Maryland, Colorado, Connecticut, Vermont, New Jersey, Virginia, New Hampshire, New York and Minnesota are the ‘Educated States’ that vote Blue.  States such as West Virginia, Mississippi, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Alabama, Nevada, Indiana, Tennessee and Oklahoma are the ‘Uneducated States’ that vote Red.  Those who are less educated are motivated by and respond to fear.”

C2       “Nevada is the only exception in that group.  The citizens may not sport as much formal education, but Nevadans are a spunky group of transplants.”

C1        “And O’Bama and Reid also ran a great ground game in Nevada and in all the other battleground states.”

C2       “The residents of the upper Midwestern states such as Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Illinois and the pivotal Ohio do not sport as many sheep skins, but they exercise horse sense in abundance.”

C1        “Wherever you find oil and gas, you find racism and corruption.  Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, North Dakota and Alaska.  With the discovery of oil, Alaska transitioned from Minnesota to Mississippi.  Astute pollsters note that these states tend to vote Red.  And then along comes North Dakota that elects to elect Heidi Heitkamp as a Senator.  Dead dinosaurs are destiny.”

C2       “Demographics are destiny.  Demo-graphics versus Republica-graphics.  And the outcome is graphic.  The Last Great White Hope is hopeless.  The rich White boys who want power are facing a reality that even the Red States are becoming Browner and Blacker.”

C1        “A strategic planner who seeks to locate a business that exploits the workers and despoils the land migrates to a Red State.  An enterprise that requires an educated populace searching for a sustainable quality of life migrates to a Blue State.  There are exceptions in pockets like Austin and a thousand other havens and oases, yet the general rule is true.”

C2       “Virginia’s senatorial contest between the Klan and Confederate Party candidate George Allen and the Centrist Party candidate Tim Kaine reveals the schism in many states that are described as Purple.  North Virginia went with Kaine and South Virginia went with Allen in a state where there are now more North Virginians than South Virginians.”

C1        “The educated electorate in North Carolina did not do it this year because it is so desperately small.  Curious that Bank of America’s decision to locate in Charlotte years before the 2008 election may have provided enough additional voters to provide the margin for O’Bama in the state in 2008 but not in 2012.”

C2       “South Florida is populated by transplanted Northerners who voted for O’Bama and North Florida is an appendage of Georgia and voted for Romney, but there are more Northern voters in South Florida than South voters in North Florida.”

C1        “And a few Browns.”

C2       “And a few Browns.  In an election that looked like it would be bought by a few faceless billionaires showering money from above and using Anger Mongering radio, billions of ordinary citizens on the ground really did made the difference for O’Bama.”

C1        “And two candidates shot themselves in the foot and then put the foot in their mouths and proclaimed that rape is akin to a sprained ankle or a trick knee.  New Hampshire was in play until Tuesday night and after the smoke and mirrors cleared on Wednesday morning, the smarter gender is in control in the first all-women delegation.  And the neighboring Bay Staters are banking on Elizabeth Warren.”

C2       “Brown did not do well in Massachusetts.  Tammy Baldwin, an openly gay female Senator-elect from Wisconsin, and Krysten Sinema, an openly bisexual Representative-elect from Arizona of all places, were not the pick of the billionaires.”

C1        “Tammy Duckworth, a wounded veteran from Illinois, finally made it.  Unfortunate that Pete Stark, the lone atheist, lost his seat.” 

C2       “The first Hindu member of Congress, Tulsi Gabbard, and a combat veteran.”

C1        “With Pete Stark gone, someone else must take up the Carbon Tax effort.  God voted under the name ‘Sandy’ as a single issue voter this year.”

C2       “Without showing any photo id.  The place is going to look like America.  Blue States such as Washington and Colorado have declared peace in the war on drugs and legalized the recreational use of marijuana.  Chalk up another win for freedom and liberty.”

C1        “And Washington, Maine and Maryland now allow an individual to decide if he or she wants to get married.”

C2       “Another win for freedom and liberty.  And Minnesota voters rejected a proposed constitutional amendment to ban marriage equality.”

C1        “Washington state is awfully pushy.  All the talented folks will migrate there.”

C2       “When the Nobel Committee signals that it will reward the conclusion, someone will connect the dots between freedom and liberty in a state and clean and green growth and development.  The Blue States vote for freedom and liberty.”

C1        “In 2004, O’Bama came to national attention aspiring for one United States of America, but only a little more than half of America will ever give him a chance.”

C2       “And now that petty pernicious pol Mitch McConnell is committed to making O’Bama a two-term President.”

C1        “We are the Red States of America and the Blue States of America.  There is no shame in candid self-awareness.” 

C2       “And yet the two countries confront many common concerns.  Iran is still Iran, China is still China, Russia is still Russia, and the fiscal fiasco is straight out of Wile E. Coyote.”

C1        “Europe may implode; the Middle East may explode.  Someone may want to take a look at the numbers that underpin entitlements and unnecessary defense/offense spending.  They still don’t add up.”

C2       “For decades, the Blue States have subsidized the Red States, yet we may see Illinois, California and/or New York, three small Blue countries in America, in need of major subsidies.”

C1        “Someone will say something about immigration.”  

. . .

[See the “e-ssay” titled America Recycles Day, November 15 (November 15, 2010).]

Bumper stickers of the week:

Women are people too.

The odds for the election of the first gay Buddhist Brown woman to the White House should be available soon.

George Will:             Romney:         331;    Obama:        217

Michael Barone:      Romney:          315;    Obama:        223

Glenn Beck:               Romney:          321;    Obama:        217

Dick Morris:              Romney:          325

Carl Rove:                   Romney:          279

“I have been assured that everything is in place for a Romney sweep of the Electoral College and the popular vote.  Talk is cheap.  Are you man enough to put your money where your mouth is.  $100 that Romney takes it.”  “I don’t have any assurances.  There is $1000 where my mouth is.  If you are man enough.” 

“I have been assured that everything is in place for a Romney sweep of the Electoral College and the popular vote.  Talk is cheap.  Are you man enough to put your money where your mouth is.  $100 that Romney takes it.”  “I don’t have any assurances.  There is $1000 where my mouth is.  If you are man enough.” 

Money “In The Bank” Or “Under The Mattress” (October 8, 2012)

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$          “They say that something is ‘money in the bank’ if it is a sure thing, but you must wonder whether ‘money in the bank’ is really ‘money in the bank.’”

C          “Or money in the credit union.  The Federal Reserve can create electrons but it cannot quickly create hard dollars.  The time will come when enough citizens simultaneously conclude that the financial system is a rigged chimera with a false facade.”

$          “Like the week of September 15, 2008.”

C          “Exactly.  With so few physical dollars in the bank to respond to demands for dollars, a financial institution will need to limit withdrawals to a small sum per depositor, perhaps $100.  Assurances that the funds are insured will not be reassuring.  The typical depositor does not want to hear that the account is insured when he or she wants to withdraw money from the account.  That event either will be the Big Jolt or will be caused by the Big Jolt that will lead to a collective loss of faith.”

$          “The news outlets will be forced to take a short break from the stories about rescuing kittens from trees to relay stories of angry depositors.”  

C          “And the populace will come to realize that money does not grow on trees.  So your money is only money in the bank if it is under your mattress.”

$          “The alternative is to leave the money in the bank and get .0000001 percent interest on the funds that you may never see again.”

C          “Seems that a few dollars in the pocket are not a bad idea.  After a Big Jolt, inertia and habit will incline others to accept dollars in the transition for some time.”

$          “Both paper dollars and gold may lose their luster at the same time.  The stuff does not offer much heat whether measured by calories or B.T.U.s.”

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[See the “e-ssays” titled “Is The Gold Standard Really The Gold Standard? (January 18, 2010)” and “Fiat Gold” / Fool’s Gold (May 2, 2011).]

Bumper stickers of the week:

“I will use my Fe [guns] and my Pb [bullets] to protect my Au and my ETOH.”

“I will use my skills and resources to develop a sustainable supply of clean H2O and to provide enough cals. [heat inside the body] and B.T.U.s [heat outside the body] to sustain me, my family and my community.” 


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