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I Spy, You Spy, They Spy (October 28, 2013)

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A          “Remember back in the halcyon days of 2002 when everyone proclaimed that surely the government was not spying on fellow Americans.”

B          “September 11, 2001 may have been the pivotal day.  Ineptitude and incompetence gave way to fear and folly.  Increased spying is no surprise.  And yet now everyone is surprised.”

A          “And I was deemed paranoid because I knew they were gathering data on us.”

B          “It is not paranoia if they are really after you.”

A          “They were after us.  Every instinct informed me that we were being monitored.”

B          “So many government officials in the know knowingly lied in various forums including some under oath and averred that there was no spying.  Many of those who testified agreed to tell ‘the whole truth’ and did not tell the whole truth.”

A          “I realize that we as a people have always been placing an ear up to a door to snatch a snippet of conversation, yet now there are no restraints.”

. . .

A/B       “Are we safer?”

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Bumper sticker of the week:

“Snowden is a traitor.  Stop spying on me.”

Foot Longs and Football (September 2, 2013)

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F1        “One is bad for us and the other is bad for them.”

F2        “How about hot dog buns and pig skin antics.  Today’s version of bread and circuses.”

F1        “The fans poison themselves in the stands while the combatants bang their heads on the field.”

F2        “And on the heads of their opponents.”

F1       “Those who make it to the top have been pummeled for years if not decades and performed on Friday nights and then Saturday afternoons and then all day on Sunday.”

F2         “And on Monday and Thursday and Wednesday and Tuesday.”

. . .

F1       “America was about education, now it is about revenue sports.  Two sports are the revenue sports in high school, in college and in the prose.”

F2        “College combatants do not even receive workmens’ compensation insurance coverage while on the job let alone a share of the profits.  We celebrate Labor Day but do not reward them for their labor.”

. . .

F2        “The NFL executives testified before Congress in 2009, under oath as always, that repeated head contact by players has not been shown to lead to brain injury.  One representative, Linda Sánchez, noted that their testimony is the same as the tobacco company executives denying the link between smoking and lung disease.”

F1        “Every generation can be defined by its Big Lie.”

F2        “The danger from fracking also may be our generations’ Big Lie.” 

. . .

F1        “There are rumors of a legal settlement with a gang of retired gladiators who are suffering all manner of predictable maladies.  Most settlements include a provision enjoining future violations, but the games go on.” 

. . .

[See the article at] 

[See the “e-ssay” titled Gettin’ Health Risks Right (June 25, 2012) discussing the Big Lies of past generations.]

Bumper sticker of the week:

Play ball

Digital Deception (August 5, 2013)

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1          “I mentioned to a close friend privately that digital is holding its own against analog.  However, digital has some downsides.”

2          “I call it digital deception.  Digital allows for so much more deception because nothing is permanent.”

. . .

1          “I clicked ‘add to cart’ to add a product on the ‘Styx’ e-commerce website, jotted down the price and noted the free shipping on a sheet of paper.”

2          “Which gets us back to the need to make a written record that is permanent.”

1          “I minimized the site on the screen, called a local store for comparison and then maximized the site on the screen.  The price was the same, but the free shipping was changed to a much more substantial cost.”

2          “Bait and switch transcends technology.  You may find that the shipping is free, but the shipping date is in a month or longer.  That may prove to be an unprofitable stratagem because it goes against the all-consuming desire for immediate gratification.”

. . .

1          “Now it is offering free shipping and delivery in a week.  It is almost as if the system detects that I will purchase the product if the shipping is free.”

2          “If you leave the site for a period of time and then return, the algorithm may reset to bait you with free shipping.  Switch from the site for a while and see what happens.”

. . .

1          “The ‘Fly By Night’ travel web sites provide the best price for a flight and then in a subsequent visit to the site a few minutes later increase the price or offer less appealing routes.  Once they have gotten you, they have got you.”

2          “Unless you don’t let them get you.”

. . .

1          “The ‘Pillow’ real estate website regularly changes and updates information including what it represented to be historical data.  The predicted price for my house in 2007 is now materially different.”

2          “I can predict the closing price of the Dow last week.”

1          “Taking a screen shot requires a clever workaround.  I filed a printed screen shot of my property and then compared it a year later.  The figures and historical graph were different.  I printed the subsequent results to keep a record in a printed format and then check later.”

. . .

1          “I checked on the availability of a website address and was shocked at this late stage of web address homesteading that it was still available.  I then checked the availability of another more general website and discovered that it was already staked.  When I returned to purchase the first website, it was not available.”

2          “If I find that a website address is available, I immediately purchase it.” 

. . .

2        “You could use another computer and search for a product or flight without revealing your identity or propensity until you sign in to make a purchase.  However, the dubious real estate data appears on every computer screen.”

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Bumper stickers of the week:

Clio needs to clutch the parchment scrolls tenaciously

Let the buyer be aware and be wary and be weary

Mano-a-mano with a machine

Artistes And Integrity (July 29, 2013)

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. . .

A          “At first, I assumed and hoped that he had been misquoted.  But if the quotation is correct, he is admitting that he devised his writing to satiate his audience and make a buck.  Leaves you wondering if everything he wrote is a sham or just a by-product of a focus group.”

. . .

B          “Written interviews are sketchy at best.  The interviewer is too much of a gatekeeper.  A filmed interview of a person reveals tone, pacing, inflection, visual cues, and other information and insight.”

. . .

A          “I saw it too and wondered if he dismissed the earlier song as too maudlin or unhip, yet he discounted it as pandering at the time.  Perhaps he was candid.  He could have said that he has grown.”

B          “More cynical?  Leaves you wondering if he even really knows what he really thinks.”

. . .

A          “He was not misquoted and does not seem to care.”

B          “I doubt that he will give refunds to those who feel deceived.”

. . .

A          “Every aspiring author seeks to secure that elusive book contract, yet a book contract is essentially a contract for indentured servitude.  The book company owns the author.”

. . .

A          “An enchanting song is a poem that has taken flight.  I am somewhat indifferent to his songs but impressed that everyone who commented about the concert last month was delighted that he gave everything to his audience.  That is commendable and worth commendation.”

. . .   

Bumper sticker of the week:

Ars longa, vita brevis

Holding The Raters Accountable? (February 11, 2013)

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. . .

NNN     “So the government is going after the rating agency Standard & Poor’s for its grossly inflated ratings of toxic mortgage securities.”

OOO    “It is a start, yet they were among the bit players in the grand fraud.  Madoff made off with millions from connected characters who were not willing to let him off.  Corzine still has enough stroke as a former Senator to avoid prosecution.  The banksters and the brigands and the big players at the core got away with it and are getting away with it and no one in power does anything about it.”

. . .

NNN     “Some bonehead judges have looked for an excuse to let them off and resorted to the First Amendment.”

OOO    “The First Amendment is a limitation on government restrictions on speech not a source of individual rights, so a person does not have ‘First Amendment rights.’  The government did not restrict or regulate Standard & Poor’s speech in any way.  Standard & Poor’s is seeking to avoid prosecution for what it said not for what the government would not allow it to say.  That ends the First Amendment inquiry.”

NNN     “When S & P spoke, they lied and intended others to rely on the lies; they are culpable.  The government must start somewhere.”

. . .

[See the “e-ssay” titled Rating The Rating Agencies And The Courts That Should Berate Them: FFF (May 3, 2010) and other “e-ssays” under the Category titled “Rating Agencies.”]

[The charges against Standard & Poor’s are discussed at]

Bumper sticker of the week:

FFF:       Rating Agencies

Sports Writers: 1 – 0 (January 14, 2013)

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. . .

A          “A mixed group of informed individuals acting individually issued a profound collective indictment.”

1          “In court, the government only determines whether a person is guilty or not guilty, a court does not determine whether a person is innocent.  Yet when you look carefully, far too many courts have found far too many innocent individuals to be guilty.”

A          “Still not a great idea to be Black or Brown and get mixed up in the American judicial system.”

1          “It is to be eschewed.  The government is not and should not be allowed to deprive someone of his or her liberty without proof beyond a reasonable doubt.  The court of public opinion does not need to meet that high threshold when considering those who play on the court or field or pitch.”

A          “The sports writers are akin to an informed group of jurors from all ages, albeit a little older, and backgrounds, albeit a shade White, and world views from different parts of the country.”

1          “On the uniforms, they sport the initials MLB not MDL – the Major Dopers League.”

A          “They can get their own hall of fame, the Hall of Shame.”

1          “I might waive the character requirement and support a scoundrel if he played clean against others who played clean.”

A          “They may also be atoning for the great oversight in the late 1990s when any honest person realized that the guys were juiced and few said anything.  Finding the individual who was not juiced or was not juiced much will be a challenge.  The brush could be too broadly brushed.”           

1          “This is a promising start.  Now if we can get the Norwegian suits to follow suit and not award the Nobel in e-con-omics unless they award it to someone who understands eco-nomics.”

A          “Everyone from Roberts on the Supreme Court to players on the courts succeeds by lyin’ and cheatin’.”

1          “He’s a lawyer-type.  He said that he would call balls and strikes, but keep this in mind.  He never ever said that he would call a ‘ball’ a ‘ball’ only that he would call balls and strikes.”

A          “He and Alito and Thomas and Scalia are having a ball.”

1          “Dishonesty and hypocrisy are so American.”

A          “So human really.  We don’t have a monopoly on it.”

. . .

[See for some international perspective on gun restrictions.]

[See the “e-ssay” titled “Why Johnny And Roger? (April 30, 2012)” and the recent article on the deliberations of the Federal Reserve at and the “e-ssay” at The Kids (At The Fed) Are Not Alright (January 30, 2012).]

Bumper sticker of the week:

Play ball!

The Supreme Court – Unrepresentative And Illegitimate: The 33.3 Percent Solution (October 1, 2012)

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. . .

C1          “What else can you say.  A series of individual decisions have spawned an unrepresentative and illegitimate institution.  Nine bureaucrats and technicians with limited life and work experience plucked from the two most profitable law schools (Harvard or Yale (or Columbia)) and practicing one of the two most powerful religions (Catholicism or Judaism) in America are too provincial and too parochial for a county as varied and diverse as the United States.”

C2          “And all hail from or are products of the parochial Province of WaNeBos (Washington/New York/Boston).  A solution is at hand.  The three Justices drawn randomly from a hat containing all nine names take senior status with a suspension or waiver of the “Rule of 80” if necessary so that they can retire comfortably.  For the good of the cause.  For the good of the Court.  For the good of the country.”

C1          “Greater care and concern for the common good is paramount.  At least one should be a Buddhist intellectual with Northwestern, Midwestern or Western roots and branches who has actually practiced law and lived life.”

. . .

C1/C2     “No one ever gives up power.  Didn’t a few of them tell a few fibs to the Senate?”

. . .

[C1 = Court Watcher 1, C2 = . . . ]

[Fifty years ago today, James Meredith enrolled at the University of Mississippi, with a little help from his friends.]

Bumper stickers of the week:

The boys (and girls) are back in town

And the usual other traits that one rarely finds.  Intelligence, tutored intelligence, emotional intelligence, intellectual integrity, integrity, character, grit, courage, wisdom, humility, perspective, life experience, etc., etc., etc.


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