He’s Doin’ Okay (July 20, 2009)

O’Bama ran as a moderate and is running the country as a moderate.  Six months into his first term, he’s doin’ okay.

O’Bama is trying to unwind World War III.  Those who want America constantly at war are furious.  America was once regarded as the “city upon a hill” by people and by peoples who had never heard of the notion of the “city upon a hill.”  Talk to citizens overseas.  In past years, they said that they liked individual Americans but not America.  Now they like America.  That sentiment may keep individual Americans from getting killed.

O’Bama is trying to right a wrong economy.  Neither he nor his advisors recognize how thoroughly eviscerated the economy is today.  Paul Krugman is getting a lot of air time contending that the country should spend, spend, spend, spend and spend.  The country should not and cannot continue to spend, spend, spend, spend and spend without any real or realistic goal or strategy.  The economy is far more intractable than they acknowledge.  The Depression II is inevitable.  The growing number of long-term unemployed will impact O’Bama’s employment.  The undoing of the economy could be O’Bama’s undoing.

O’Bama has a healthy attitude toward health care reform.  The cost of doing something is a concern, yet the cost of doing nothing is an even greater concern.  He has not yet brought his trademark “Change” to the challenge of global climate change.  In time, one assumes.  He does seem inclined to reform such laws as the Mining Law of 1872 which has done much to ravage the environment.  Little things are revealing.

Not a bad start, O’Bama.

(This is the 40th anniversary of mankind landing and walking on the moon.  The “space race” may have been a continuation of diplomacy using other means.  NASA followed the Biblical directive to turn military rockets into civilian space ships.  The populace watched with awe and wonder at an awesome and wonderful achievement.)

Bumper sticker of the week:

One small step . . .

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