Celebrate Virginia’s “Celebrate Slavery Month” (April 12, 2010)

. . .

“Virginia declared April to be ‘Celebrate Slavery Month.’  What a concept.  Thirty days dedicated to the celebration of the degradation and subjugation of one’s fellow human beings.  They plan to burn crosses, made in China, in all major cities.  They are sneaky because they manage to celebrate it without mentioning it.”

“Leave it to Virginia.  Aren’t they the ones with the official state motto:  ‘Virginia Is For Haters.’”

“Leave Virginia.  Boycott the place.  Boycott everything tied to Virginia in April.  Conventions should cancel any events currently scheduled in Virginia during April and not book any events in April in the future.”

“Why does the government get involved in this foolishness?  Tax money funded this folly.”

“Individual action in response to inane government action is the way to go.  That is the virtue of a boycott.  And yet, three years ago, they looked like they were on track with the dignified apology.”

“There is not much common sense in the Commonwealth.”

“Leaves you wondering whether it is in the water, in the air or in their genes?”

“Hey, . . . wait . . . did they announce it on April 1?”

. . .

[See the “e-ssay” dated Feb. 26, 2007 titled “Looking Back.  With Regret.  With Respect,” the “e-ssay” dated Nov. 12, 2007 titled “Vet’s Day; Slavery And Due Process” and the “e-ssay” dated Mar. 14, 2005 titled “’Strict Construction’ Strictly Construed.”]

Bumper stickers of the week:

Virginia:  Celebrate Slavery Month

Virginia Is For Haters

Take A Slave To Work Day in Virginia

Boycott Virginia In April

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