Support Our Troops . . . Return (March 6, 2006)

[A Zogby poll last week found that even the troops support our troops return.]

“At least in Vietnam, Bush had an exit strategy.”  In Iraq, Bush never even had a viable entrance strategy.  In Vietnam, two countries divided by colonists sought to unite into one people, despite Johnson’s and Nixon’s wishes.  In Iraq, three people inhabiting one nation concocted by colonists seek to divide into three countries, despite Bush’s wishes.  America should refrain from imposing its ill-fated whims upon the world when neither the security nor well-being of the United States or its allies is at stake.  Self-determination is a Wilsonian principle.  Let the Iraqis decide.  Support our troops . . . return.  The emerging fear this week is that the troops will be deployed to Iran rather than repatriated to America.

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