The “Bush Doctrine” in Foreign Policy (March 27, 2006)

Bush’s recent “National Security Report” discusses the “pre-emptive war strategy” which allows him to engage in wars of “self-offense.”  Parsed out, there are two precepts to the “Bush Doctrine” in foreign policy:

1)      I will invade a country based on my whims, demons, anxieties, and insecurities if someone looks at me wrong whether military action promotes the security and well-being of America or not.  I will invade based on lies and distortions that I will repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat.  I will spill any blood and spend any bullion in the name of my invasion without regard to the consequences.

2)      I will not invade a country that possesses nuclear weapons.

The Bush doctrine is counter-productive and ultimately suicidal.  His avowed war aims compel other countries to commit all of their resources to the development of nuclear weapons.  North Korea is not a target because it has some nascent and is developing more nuclear weapons.  Iran is a target because it does not yet have nuclear weapons.  (Iran is not helping its case with the aggressive rhetoric.)  Bush’s repudiation of the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty removes some legal limits on nuclear proliferation.  The Bush Doctrine is a Nuclear Proliferation Act. 

Reagan understood the insanity of a nuclear war.  Bush is committed to starting one. 

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