The Housing Anti-Terrorist Act 0f 2006 (HAT Act) (May 8, 2006)

The housing stock for the next half century is under construction today.  Americans are building Taj Mahals they will not be able to own or heat or cool.  Today’s McMansions are typically constructed with 2 inch by 4 inch wood studs rather than 2 inch by 6 inch wood studs.  A 2 by 4 house is insulated with R-11 insulation whereas a 2 by 6 house is insulated with much warmer R-19 insulation.  The higher the R value, the greater the insulation value.  In addition, a 2 by 6 house with a generous nailing pattern is more likely to resist earthquakes which are predicted to surface in unexpected places in the near future.

The country is acquiring much of its energy from unfriendly regimes.  We as a country must reduce the funding of our enemies.  Proper house construction practices should be part of the war on terrorism.  The market should be the starting point of every economic debate.  The market is failing.  Government involvement, the ending point of every economic debate, is necessary.  In the past, housing construction companies were local enterprises.  National companies such as Pulte Homes and Tull Brothers are among the larger builders.  They should be enlisted in this campaign.  One builder may be reluctant to take the lead because there is an added cost with benefits that may not be immediately apparent to the consumer.  All of the builders may be willing to follow one set practice.  This single simple practice would produce tremendous positive long term consequences for the country.       

[Next consideration – Converting cargo containers into cottages] 

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