World War III Is Expanding (July 17, 2006)

More that four years after Bush triggered World War III, others are joining the fray.  [See the March 20, 2006 e-ssay entitled “The (Unreal) March Madness” and the January 3, 2005 e-ssay entitled “Boycott Red America.” ]  The thug in Baghdad–Hussein–maintained order but not law among the three religious/cultural factions.  He served as the Tito of the country and by extension in the region.  Sunnis and Shiites inside and outside Iraq knew their place.  Iraq balanced Iran; Iran balanced Iraq.  Bush’s Crusade destabilized the country and the region.  In the last few years, Iraqis of all religious persuasions united in ousting the American aggressor.  The enemy of my enemy is my friend.  Others came across a border even more porous than Americas southern border and joined the fight.  Now the fight has been exported.  A war on two great fronts appears possible.  The Sunnis and Shiites can both fight the U.S. and fight each other.  The enemy of my enemy is now also my enemy.  The Turks and the Kurds are now free to battle for power and real estate.  American military might is now dissipated and weak.  America may have no option other than to pursue a diplomatic approach, but a diplomatic approach is effete without a viable military threat.  America is now incapable of fighting or resolving World War III. 

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