The Terror In The Skies (August 14, 2006)

Bush has spent much of his time in office flying around the world in Air Force One above and beyond the cares of the world.  Those who must fly must deal with the consequences and fallout of the worst foreign policy blunders in American history.    

The Arab world is united in their hatred of Bush; the non-Arab world is disunited except in their hatred of Bush.  All the hatred and anger is coming home to fester.  The lack of terrorist activities over the last five years is surprising.  However, the enemy is patient in planning its attacks against an impatient people.  A gin and tonic is today’s Molotov cocktail.  Practice safe flying, we are now directed, don’t use condiments on board.  Ketchup in a plastic container is the new weapon of mess destruction.  It’s not just for putting under car tires anymore.  Passengers cannot carry contact lens solution because Bush cannot see clearly.  The enemy has enough chutzpah to keep attacking the one transportation sector–aviation–that has attracted the most security screening resources.  The next likely move is against the ports.    

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