Hope Triumphs (November 13, 2006)

God bless the American voters.  Enough voters last Tuesday said that enough is more than enough.

The public witnessed looting in Baghdad and looting in Washington.  The Republicans emphasized national security and the Democrats focused on the failed war in Iraq.  Exit polls indicate that the public elected to challenge “corruption” among those in Washington who got America involved in Iraq and enmeshed in other scandals domestic.

Fear almost always triumphs over hope.  On Tuesday, the fear of Bush triumphed over the fear pandered by Bush.  Bush could not even muster the image of the devil incarnate, Osama bin Laden, to triumph over the public’s fears of him and his failed policies.  Bush was not even able to muster fear by raising the specter of the antichrist, a granny named Nancy Pelosi, assuming a position of power.  Hope triumphed.

The good people of Minnesota’s Fifth District made an election heard ’round the world.  Endorsing Keith Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress, is a compelling statement to the world of America’s fundamental decency and inclusiveness.

Harold Ford, Jr. and Tammy Duckworth, stay in the fray.  You are still needed.

After the thumpin’, the most incompetent Commander-in-Chief in American history relieved the most incompetent Secretary of Defense in American history of his mismanagement of the worst foreign policy blunder in American history.  Progress happens.

Bridges should not be burned; bridges to nowhere should not be built.  The Democrats are reaching out and building bridges to the Republicans.  The Republic will benefit from that political infrastructure.

The Supreme Court may be safe.

The Democrats now have an opportunity to fail or flourish.  Time will tell.

Bumper sticker of the week:

A woman’s place is in the House
. . . and in the Senate

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