Meth and Marijuana (December 11, 2006)

The words “meth” and “marijuana” should not be used in the same sentence.  Too many politicians are treating them as one menace.  Meth is evil.  Meth is poison.  Meth is the devil incarnate.  No joke; no irony.  Nasty stuff.  

Meth is even more addictive and destructive than coffin nails (cigarettes).  The drug consumes the soul and contorts the body.  Even Trout Unlimited is involved because of the grave consequences to kids and brown trout from production and distribution of the stuff in home-made labs. 

Booze makes one violent.  When a cop (constable on patrol) responds to a dv (domestic violence) call, he/she encounters a male, often clad in undergarments, quaffing booze and releasing demons.

Marijuana tends to make one passive.  When a police officer responds to a domestic disturbance call involving loud music, they usually encounter some kids peacefully sitting on a couch listening to terrible music at a deafening volume.  Or to a loud tv show.  There may be a tv, but there is no dv.  Okay, they are high.  The kids.  Nobody really gets hurt, except one’s sensibilities and ear drums.  Marijuana may not be the best thing, but it is not the worst thing.           

A libertarian might say that it is an individual choice, right or wrong.  The danger with Meth is that the decision to use it is often the last act of free will.  After that there are no real choices, just a consuming desire to consume more Meth and thus one’s body and soul.  Meth is the hand maiden of poverty.  Attack meth with a continuum of policy responses from education to prevention to detention to incarceration to _______tion to education.  Strike fear in possible users and also offer them hope and alternatives.  Attacking poverty helps.  However, at the same time, decriminalize marijuana.  Stay focused on the real problem.

(Next week – another national addiction)

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