World War III Turns Four; How Wars Are Fought; Most Victories Are Pyrrhic Defeats (March 19, 2007)

(Today is the four-year anniversary of Bush’s decision to trigger World War III.)

The soldiers in both trenches are invariably brave.  They cover for their companions and their comrades which advances the agenda and careers of their leaders.  The situation is akin to the “invisible hand” in economic theory.  Each individual in a squad pursues his self-interest which is keeping himself and his buddies alive while completing the mission, usually forlorn.  The individual actions aggregate to promote whatever passes for the mission, be it taking the hill or defending the position or increasing the body count. The soldiers are given grades (E-) such as E-3 or E-5.  These soldiers with mettle wear stars (Ag and Cu9Sn1) on their chests and experience combat far more profoundly than those who sport stars on their epaulettes.

Those who have rank (O-) call the shots and decide who gets shot.  The generals (O-7, O-8, etc.) on both sides of the trenches are often either incompetent or unable to control the events, exigencies and other developments that arise.  Those who succeed often succeed because the generals across the field fail even more abjectly.  [See the e-ssay dated March 7, 2005.]  Factories are admittedly a big factor. Civilization has been fortunate that the good guys have had more efficient factories in the last hundred years; America is losing factories daily.  However, in recent military quagmires (Vietnam, World War III/Iraq/Iran/Syria/etc.), the miliary was and is tasked with a hopeless mission.  The mission is not accomplished, it is impossible.  In the Iraq theater, even the generals never had a bloody chance.

The civilian leaders failed and are failing.  The civilian leaders who prosecuted and are prosecuting World War III will never be prosecuted for their ineptitude or their war crimes.  The civilian leaders used the threat of “WeMaD” (Weapons of Mass Destruction) and fooled the general public and the generals into war.  The lies continue unabated.  Bush amassed a cabal of cowards, wimps, draft dodgers, geeks, and chicken hawks and proclaimed them his National Security Team.  These “neo-confidence men” are known generally as “neo-cons.”  Bush sheds them when they disagree.  He stuck his head in a hornet’s nest and does not understand what is going on all around him.  Now he has stuck his head in the sand.

Mix brave soldiers, overwhelmed generals and incompetent civilian leaders, bring the mixture to a boil, and simmer.  The result is not surprising. The notion of a Pyrrhic victory derives from the Greek king Pyrrhus, who, after suffering heavy losses in defeating the Romans in 279 B.C., said to those sent to congratulate him, “Another such victory over the Romans and we are undone.”  America cannot afford another Pyrrhic Defeat.

Bumper sticker of the week:

Land Of The Free Because Of The Brave (despite the civilian leadership)

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