A Suit Over A Suit (June 18, 2007)

A suit over a suit.  Not by Bobby Bork this time.  By an administrative law judge in the District of Columbia who raised an issue in the courts that he should have taken up with his therapist.  He brought a much publicized suit over losing not his shirt but his pants.  He took the pants to be pressed and they were lost or mislaid.  The matter should have been resolved in a few minutes with a few dollars.  Something is wrong when the civil legal system cannot resolve matters in a much more just, speedy and inexpensive way.  Roy Pearson, the troubled fellow, is likely to do the American thing and appeal.

In the Scooter Libby trail, a dozen individuals allowed to teach at profitable law schools in America were paid handsomely by the Republican Party to say that Scooter is a hip White guy who should be allowed to go on the lecture circuit pending appeal and a pardon by Bush.  In his order allowing the boys to share their thoughts, Judge Reggie Walton notes in a footnote:

“It is an impressive show of public service when twelve prominent and distinguished current and former law professors are able to amass their collective wisdom in the course of only several days to provide their legal expertise to the court on behalf of a criminal defendant.  The Court trusts that this is a reflection of these eminent academics’ willingness in the future to step to the plate and provide like assistance in cases involving any of the numerous litigants, both in this Court and throughout the courts of this nation, who lack the financial means to fully and properly articulate the merits of their legal positions even in instances where failure to do so could result in monetary penalties, incarceration, or worse. The Court will certainly not hesitate to call for such assistance from these luminaries, as necessary in the interests of justice and equity, whenever similar questions arise in the cases that come before it.”

The Dirty Dozen include our friend Bobby Bork, Alan Dershowitz, Vikram Amar, Randy Barnett, Viet Dinh, Douglas Kmiec, Robert Pushaw, Richard Parker, Gary Lawson, Thomas Merrill, Earl Maltz, and Robert Nagel.  They should be appointed to handle the appeal for the Chungs pro bono.  However, that is the rub.  These boys will say or do anything, but they must be paid.  Appoint them anyway and hold them in criminal contempt if they fail to handle the matter.

Bumper sticker of the week:

Get a life

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