Bush Acknowledges World War III (October 29, 2007)

Bush and Dr. Strangehate are intent on expanding World War III into Iran.  Bush has exhausted the Army and the Marines and will now launch the Navy and the Air Force into the fray.  He may simply hire more mercenaries such as Blackwater, the Hessians who helped undermine Hussein, the Kelly Girls of the killing profession.  Greed in the Green Zone expands.

With a little (a lot of) creative diplomacy, the Iranian people could be converted to allies or at least not adversaries.  When the Iranian people are allied with the West, their leaders will follow.  Bush intends to unite the Iranian people.  In opposition to the United States.  Russia senses an opportunity to pursue its own Operation Iraqi Liberation (OIL) or Operation Iran Liberation (OIL).  Bush will encourage the courtship of our enemies.

Organized resistance in America will not develop until Bush calls up the Cub Scouts or reinstitutes the Front Door Draft.  When the children of the Ruling Class must obtain draft deferral consultants in addition to college admission consultants, some influential Americans may quit following their stocks and take stock of America’s situation in the world today.  Bush + Cheney + Giuliani Draft Dodging Consultants, LLC; “When you have other priorities”; Since 2009.

Bumper sticker of the week:

Be nice to America or Bush will invade and bring democracy to your country.

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