Energy Policy In A Nutshell (March 31, 2008)

Energy policy is complex.  A few general ideas.

1.                  Increase the tax on a gallon of gasoline by a quarter (25 cents) every quarter (3 months) for two years or longer to reduce American consumption, spur alternative energy options, and reduce transfer payments to many of America’s enemies.  The revenue, a secondary concern, could be used in a market-efficient way to offset some of the painful economic impact of increased gas prices.  Taxes should have been increased when oil was at $25 a barrel, yet action now is better than more delay.  (Okay, this will never happen in the current political climate with prices already rising daily, yet one can dream.)

2.                  Appoint Amory B. Lovins as Secretary of Energy.

3.                  Release 70 percent of the employees at the Department of Energy.

Bumper stickers of the week:

Pass the Terrorist Tax

A Quarter Every Quarter

Keep your tires properly inflated

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