U.S.A. – 1 (Won); World – 1 (Won) (November 10, 2008)

We have met our friend and he is us.  Pogo.

McCain very likely would be President-elect of the United States of America today if the first wave of the Bush Depression had not crashed ashore in mid-September.  September 15 may be the high water (or low water) mark when McCain proclaimed:  “The fundamentals of our economy are strong.”  Americans were not fooled.  They were afraid, very afraid.  It was the stupid economy.

Obama’s guerdon and lagniappe — the privilege to deal with the Great Tsunami, the “Bush/Greenspan/Gramm Depression,” and World War III now festering in at least two theaters on a planet in ill health.

Reverend Wright incited the Right and left others feeling that something was not right; seems that everyone on the national stage sports a Rev. John Hagee in their entourage.  Some white Republicans could accept an African-Thai-American named Tiger but were not ready to accept an African-Saxon as the Lion.  However, others conquered their fears and anxieties and played through them.  Many Americans had gotten a preview by watching two different African-Americans play the President OTUS on the television show “24.”  In this episode, Alexander “Scotty” Scott goes to the White House.  Illinois finally sends Adlai Stevenson to the Casa Blanca.

Obama may be the Transformative Candidate or the Transitional Candidate, yet he is clearly the Technological Candidate.  The toxic a.m. radio shows and the venomous robo-calls from the Franchise Republicans marketing fear were matched and exceeded by a relentless stream of e-mails from Team Obama offering hope, promising change and soliciting funds.  Intimidation for your ears; inspiration for your eyes.  The Internet won handily.

Money talks; McCain walks.  McCain-Feingold has been replaced by Obama-Plouffe.  The billion dollar Presidential race in 2012.

Washington presided when the country was forming; Lincoln when the country was dissolving; Roosevelt when the country was segregated and disintegrating economically.  The man from Hope brought some semblance of prosperity and peace and now the man promising hope confronts the Bush Depression and World War III.  Obama will preside in one of the dozen most uncertain periods in American history.  He appears to be up to the challenge.  One can only hope.

A profound development.  The first African-Irish-American in the White House.  Barack Hussein “Steve” O’Bama.

Bumper stickers of the week:

Hope and Money and Fear


Si, se puede

Yes he/we can (maybe)

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