The Millennium To Date (January 5, 2009)

When presented with a defining challenge this Millennium, each branch of government failed.

2000 – Judicial.  Eight years ago, the Supreme Court in Bush v. Gore decided that it not the voters will decide who is to be President.  The Supreme Court elected to appoint the President and preempt the voters.  The court issued a special decision to benefit one person.  An unprecedented decision has set a bad precedent.  The composition and ideology of the Supreme Court is even worse today.

2001 – 2003 (and continuing) – Executive.  Bush and Cheney came into office committed to invading Iraq.  After being warned in a daily briefing in August, 2001 that “Bin Laden Determined To Strike In U.S.,” no one thought to interpret the report to suggest that Bin Laden was determined to strike in U.S.  Bush left for Crawford to clear bush and brush.  When 9/11 occurred, the pretext for invasion arose even though neither Iraq nor any Iraqis were involved in the planning, implementation or funding of the 9/11 attacks.  His decision to invade lit a fuse that will be seen to have triggered the start of World War III.  Now Bush/Cheney are seeking to rewrite history to suggest that the intelligence that they and others actively distorted was provided by others.  For its part, Congress cravenly went along enough to provide Bush with political cover.

2007 – Legislative.  The Bailout/Bribe Bill was predictable and predicted.  Scare the public and you can get anything.  Paulson appointed himself King, raided the fisc, and gave money to fiends and former colleagues.  The Debt is exacerbating intermediate and long term economic problems in ways that the business and economic commentators do not seem to understand.  Bush more than any other person is responsible for the “Bush/Greenspan/Gramm Depression.”  Nonetheless, Congress has been a co-conspirator and an economic enabler.

One hopes that Clio is taking careful notes.

Bumper sticker of the week:

Blind faith in bad leaders is not patriotism.

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