Global Environmental Something (February 16, 2009)

Something is going on.  Global economics is far easier to understand than global climate change.  Everyone has an opinion; one’s opinion is revealing.

Field research is critical.  In his annual Fall foray, Nimrod notes that the flowers, bushes and trees have moved up the hill about fifty feet and provided more and different cover for the critters over the last fifty years.  And stream research.  Rod carefully chronicled the dates the ice came and went on the lake over the last forty years.  The ice fishing season is at least three weeks shorter than two score years ago.  Diana is still making sense of it all.

Warmer.  Colder.  Colder because it is getting warmer.  Phenomena described as “Little baby boys” and “Little baby girls.”  Some are even convinced that it is too late for the globe to rebound, sort of like the economy.  Some are not convinced and do not want to make any changes.  Something is going on.

Bumper sticker of the week:

What it is isn’t exactly clear

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