Depleted Uranium Disease (DUD) (March 30, 2009)

The DOD denies even the possible existence of radioactive DUD (Depleted Uranium Disease).  The Department of Defense adamantly refuses to admit that it is engaged in a protracted nuclear war in Iraq.  There are in fact Weapons of Mass Destruction (WeMaD) in Iraq which were sold and delivered to and/or dropped on the country by the United States.  Since 1991, the United States has been involved in this nuclear war in the Gulf.  Bush I started it, Clinton I did little to address it, and Bush II accelerated it.

DOD will concede that some of the troops are suffering from “Gulf War Syndrome” which it dismisses as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), a psychological rather than a physical problem.  PTSD was called “shell shock” in WW I and “battle fatigue” in WW II.  The combatants and non-combatants involved in World War III are suffering a disease that condemns them and their offspring.

Two movies, “Beyond Treason” (2005) and “Gulf War Syndrome: Killing Our Own“ (2007), address the problem.  When Bush II triggered World War III in March, 2003, a few individuals who thought seriously about the costs of the invasion and occupation suggested that it would cost three (3) Trillion.  Everyone else said that Iraqi oil would pay the freight.  Now the costs to address the environmental and health consequences of the war appear likely to greatly exceed that figure.  The entire county of Iraq is now a Superfund site.  And the travesty in not even a blip on the national radar screen.

Bumper sticker of the week:

PTSD:  Don’t Leave ‘Nam Without It

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