Not Really A Writer (April 13, 2009)

. . .

“Big deal.  Everyone is a writer or an actor.  How can you be a writer.  You aren’t living in poverty.”

“Those with a pen are penurious?  Hard to avoid collecting some spare change when you understand the economy.”

“You aren’t suffering from insanity.”

“But I am insane, even if I don’t suffer from it.”

“You aren’t an alcoholic.”

“I can’t see bequeathing my sprit to the sprits, yet I do like to get goofy especially on those red grapes.”

“You aren’t gay.”

“Traditional wiring sure is more convenient.”

“You are a goof.  You aren’t Jewish.”

“One of my friends observed that I am the ‘Episcopalian Seinfeld.’  I like ideas.  My conception of the Beyond is ineffable and certainly not anthropocentric.  Enough?”

“Buddhist, Unitarian, maybe.”

“I’m half Irish.  They invented writing, you know.”

“You aren’t oppressed.  So maybe you are qualified to write owners manuals.”

“Don’t read owners manuals.  You must write what you know.  And sometimes you must write to know.  I retrieve paper from a recycling bin, write a tract on some compelling topic and then return the paper to the bin.”

“You aren’t a novel voice.”

“Essays?  I have a voice, although others may not have an ear for it.  What troubles me is that no one I can recall has ever said anything positive about my writing.”

“So what.  Who cares what others think.”

“If it were that easy.  Others are the ear to one’s voice.  I may not have a voice, yet there is something there.”

“So you aren’t really a writer.”

“Probably not, yet why not reserve the right to write.”

. . .

Bumper sticker of the week:

Ars longa, vita brevis

But endeavor to make a positive impact on society now

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