On Regret (April 27, 2009)

“I have regretted it a hundred times.  All it would take is one human being deciding to change her mind about one small comment and to forgive a slight slight, if it was a slight.  It seemed wry and witty at the time.  I thought she would enjoy it.”

“[Formal first name], real men don’t regret.”

“It seemed felicitous.  . . .  By the way, [formal first name], I don’t buy it, I just don’t buy it.  Real men think.  And feel.  If you fool yourself into thinking that you don’t have any regrets, you are only fooling yourself and not thinking.”

“Forget it.  Move on.”

“Funny thing about this life.  As these things go, she likely will get married in the next few years and then deal with many more slights, resentments and transgressions through the years even if she marries that ephemeral entity known as her soul mate.”

“Give it up.  No regrets.”

“Don’t buy it.  Unless I cease thinking, there will be more than a few times when I will wonder what could have been.”

[With a nod to Montaigne’s essais.]

Bumper stickers of the week:

“Yesterday”  P. McCartney/J. Lennon (?)

“In My Life”  J. Lennon /P. McCartney (?)

“Let It Be”  P. McCartney/J. Lennon (?)

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