Health Care Again (July 6, 2009)

America is engaged in a civil war between those who are already wounded and those who are inflicting additional pain and suffering on the injured and infirm.  Health insurance companies are the greatest contributors to the grief.  A company whose business plan is to deny all claims is not the proper entity to be reviewing and covering proper claims.  The companies are mustering their considerable resources to work from the inside to preclude and prevent a comprehensive national solution.

America is spending an increasing percentage of a decreasing gross domestic product (GDP) on health care and receiving less prevention and treatment of illness.  The constituency for national health care reform grows each day with every valid claim that is wrongfully denied.  Those who are not covered at all seek coverage.  The cost of comprehensive coverage admittedly appears capable of bankrupting the country; the cost of no and limited coverage is bankrupting the individual citizens of this country.

What happened to a single-payer system?  Although the consensus seems to be that this is not the right time for sweeping reform, it is the time.   A single-payer system is the most efficient system.

[See the “e-ssay” dated February 25, 2008 entitled “’American Medicine’ Not ‘Socialized Medicine’” and the one dated October 23, 2006 entitled “Efficient Health Care: Making American Business More Competitive.”]

Bumper stickers of the week:

Above all, do harm

–America’s health insurance companies

Press “1” to hear your claim denied in English; press “2” to hear your claim denied in Spanish; press “3” to hear your claim . . .

Eat healthy; Exercise

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