Racing Backwards; Moving Forward? (July 27, 2009)

Using the word “stupid” often seems stupid.  O’Bama’s use of the phrase “acted stupidly” to describe the actions of the Cambridge police was neither smart nor appropriate.  However, he rebounded well and is turning the experience into something positive.

However, there is nothing black and white about it.  Blacks (and Hispanics and kids and the underclass) get harassed and detained and arrested far, far more often proportionately than Whites.  Harassment, detention and arrest are rites of passage.  When the light bar ignites on the black and white (the Crown Victoria Police Interceptor), it does not usually light up one’s life if you happen that day to be Black, Hispanic, young or an underclassman.

What really went on in Cambridge is difficult to determine.  When you lose your house keys and decide to break into a home, one hopes that a concerned neighbor will call the police and report an individual trying to break into a home.  A neighbor apparently did call.  Seems that everyone overreacted.  Many words were exchanged, few of them poetic.  Early unconfirmed reports suggest an overdose of testosterone.

We as a country handcuff and lock up far too many people.

A summit conference at the White House with a few cold beers may allow everyone to chill out.  They should discuss ways to reduce the use of handcuffs and lock up.

Bumper sticker of the week:

Silence is silver

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