Operation Mail Call (Feb. 8, 2010)

“I hated mail call.  I went every day.  There was no end in sight.  Death was the least painful alternative.  I thought I had a big, loving family.  We charged beaches until we got killed.  Then anyone who did not get killed charged another beach until we got killed.  I went every day.  In three years, I got three letters.  Three letters.  Three years.  One letter a year.  Every year, one letter.  I hated mail call.  I stood at the back.  I hate even going to the mail box today.”

Schools should obtain the names of soldiers, sailors and airmen from the DoD (Department of Defense) and establish pen pals.  The troops probably stay in contact with family and friends via e-mails, “tweets” and Facebook.  Nonetheless, the young kids on the home front should practice their penmanship and work on their syntax writing old-fashioned letters to the older kids on the front lines.  They should receive posts and posts.  A letter a month.  Operation Mail Call.

(July 24, 1930 – February 5, 2010)

Bumper sticker of the week:

A letter a month.

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