On Entitlements (July 19, 2010)

. . .

G          “There was a time when a citizen possessed a few cherished inalienable rights and a variety of revocable privileges.  Along came this hybrid thing called an ‘entitlement’ that soon morphed into a quasi-right.  Now too many entitlements are regarded as inalienable birthrights.”

H          “There isn’t anyone in America who does not feel entitled to an easy life without effort or sacrifice.”

G          “Except some individuals in the Middle West of America.  They do not believe they are entitled to everything.  However, they do not show up on the radar because they live in an area known as the ‘flyover states.’  They are not counted and thus don’t count, although they can and do count.”

H          “The entitlement mentality infects each and every class, race, region, religion and age group in the country.  Except some individuals in the Middle West, you contend.”

G          “Americans believe that they are entitled not to die.  Repudiating one’s mortality, now that is an entitlement.  The future will be rude for most Americans.  Except some individuals in the Middle West who are better prepared to weather the coming economic tornado.  The courts first created due process rights and then the Democratic and Republican Parties embraced and expanded them with as much zeal as their constituents.”

H          “Registered Republicans pitch a hissy fit about the guv-mint, yet they demand the same or more entitlements as others.  No one is immune.”

G          “Except some individuals you know where.  Entitlements are now at the core and heart of the American DNA.”

H          “The future will be a taxing emotional transition for an unprepared people.”

. . .

Bumper stickers of the week:

The guv-mint should keep its hands off my Social Security.

Je suis entitled.

I am owed.

I am entitled.

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