On Hypocrisy And Other Things (August 30, 2010)

. . .

?          “There was probably a little alcohol involved.  Remember the observation:  ‘In whiskey veritas’.”

!          “We were young.”

?          “Seems we were all young when we were young.  That is all part of being young.”

!          “I was too young.  And so was she.  . . .  God knows what I said.”

?          “Someone shared a not atypical anecdote about two desperate young kids.”

!          “Who was there?”

?          “Everyone.  Hard to contend that the disclosure was in confidence.”

!          “I didn’t know if I would be killed by my dad or by her dad.”

?          “Where is she?”

!          “No idea.”

?          “Most political contributions are a matter of public record.  Our friend the Internet is revealing.  Your contributions do not reflect your convictions, at least not your actions.”

!          “I think about it occasionally, but I have never had a second thought about our decision.  I have sent money.  They know how to play me.”

?          “And it’s not living a lie?”

. . .

Bumper sticker of the week:

Keep your laws off my body

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