Joe Miller, Alaska and America: Now What? (September 27, 2010)

. . .

C     “What if the Blue States accept Alaska’s recent offer, albeit tendered by a minority of mobilized voters, and cease providing massive subsidies, transfers, earmarks and grants to Alaska?”

S     “De-commission the Denali Commission, a federally-funded agency developing Alaska infrastructure?  Do away with SBA (Small Business Administration) Section 8(a) that provides preferences for Natives and veterans in federal contracting?  Provision the Native Hospitals exclusively with ANCSA (Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act) Section 7(i) profits?  Ban federally-funded home care nurses from entering tax-assisted Alaska homes spewing Fox propaganda on state-subsidized televisions?  Support the Alaska Financial Independence Bill:  “No federal funds shall be authorized, appropriated or expended for the use or benefit of the state of Alaska until all of the funds in the Alaska Permanent Fund have been exhausted for such purposes”?”

C     “On the national level, divert funds from the Department of Education to the Department of Ignorance?  Move from Social Security to Social Insecurity?”

S     “Do Alaskans want outside interests such as the Koch brothers of California to determine elections the way the Seattle fishing syndicate dominated Alaska life before statehood?  What about the growing influence of the Alaskan Taliban – the radical reactionary religious right?  Joe Miller is a certified nut case, but do those in Alaska like him because he is like them?”

C     “Is he the plaid Sarah Plain/Palin?  Can Lisa Murkowski mount a successful write-in campaign?  And who is Scott McAdams?”

S     “The far, far right versus the far right?”

C     “The election is less about electing persons than it is about defining the Alaskan people.”

S     “These elections are less about electing persons than they are about defining the American people.”

. . .

Bumper stickers of the week:

Alaska Politics:  Louisiana with fjords, New Jersey without the charm, Uganda with receding glaciers

Alaska Politics:  Chinatown North

Alaska:  Building Bridges to Nowhere

My wheel dog is smarter than your lead dog.

What occurs in Alaska [the Pacific Northwet?] after two days of rain?  A sunny Monday.

On a Prius:

After two days rain

What occurs in Alaska?

A sunny Monday

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