Girding For The Going Grid (October 11, 2010)

. . .

1     “We were warned about the coming storm.  The storm wasn’t any worse than other storms.  Without any warning, the power went out.  The lights went off.  The tv went blank.  The heat went cool.  The cool went warm.  For everyone.  At the same time.  We needed to find a flashlight and then find and hook up an old analog telephone to call about available refrigerator space.  The stop lights did not work.  Some of the electric pumps failed at a gas station.  We happened to have enough fuel in the tank to transport our fuel.  Our food ended up spread out in three refrigerators and freezers in another state.”

2     “Remember that the root word of ‘electric gird’ is ‘fragile and precarious.’  I keep a number of flashlights and candles stashed throughout the house and two analog phones plugged into the wall on different floors.  And that assumes that the phone system even works.  I keep a store of blankets, food, water and a portable radio that typically disappear quickly from the stores before a storm, yet that is desperately little preparation.”

1     “We had no radio in a house, yet we had a dozen remotes to worthless boxes.  At least we resisted recycling the one analog phone that is now stored in the kitchen pantry.  Near the radio.  And that assumes that the phone system even works.  We commented to each other on the drive that the power failure was very democratic, even indifferent.  One Republican Senator’s house was as dark as ours.  He could authorize and appropriate funds to build another TVA but did not have the power to deliver power to his house.  There are no circuits to route the limited power in the system to the homes of the powerful.”

2     “Power outages impact the powerful and the powerless equally.”

1     “At the time, the event was a spooky and sobering evening before a long and uncertain wait.  In hindsight, it was a benign if not an amusing diversion, but that may not be true the next time.”

. . .

(Bioneers Conference, October 15 – 17)

Bumper stickers of the week:

From the Internet to the Inter-mittent-net

Be Less Unprepared

Not “if, or when,” but “when, and when”

The Beginning Of The World As We Don’t Know It

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