The Great National Dissolution: Resolving The Great Civil War (April 18, 2011)

. . .

A         “Last Tuesday marked one hundred and fifty years since the outbreak of the Civil War.”

E         “And it started with a terrorist assault by a state on Ft. Sumter, an outlying Union outpost.  4/12 was 9/11.”

A         “The Great National Dissolution springs from the realization that divorce and dissolution are among the most important and necessary institutions developed by humankind.”

E         “The fundamental issue today really is exactly the same as the fundamental issue in 1860.  Slavery disguised and marketed as States Rights.  America still is divided into the Slave States and the Free States.  It’s that fundamental.”

A         “The division reflects tension between the human desire to be free oneself and the human urge to enslave others.  The first stage of the Civil War was followed by the Great Hundred Year War of Terror.  From the signing of the terms of surrender in 1865 to the signing of the Civil Rights Act (CRA) of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act (VRA) of 1965, there was a sustained campaign of terrorism against Blacks.  Blacks rode the Underground Railroad from the Slave States to the Non-Slave States as political and economic refuges fleeing from domestic terrorists.  When the CRA and VRA were signed, most of the overt terrorism against Blacks in America went underground, yet many Blacks are still railroaded.”

E         “Dissolution may be an option, but you confront the proposition that the right of a state to leave the Union was settled at Appomattox in 1865.  There are some guys who proclaim: ‘Lee surrendered, I didn’t’.”

A         “Act on that sentiment and the Feds will issue ‘three hots and a cot.’  However, the proposal avoids the problem of unilateral and illegal state action.  Congress itself must enact the Great National Dissolution.”

E         “When the Civil War broke out, some guys who had studied Jomini, drank Jack Walker and went on panty raids together at West Point went South while the others went North particularly many of the small cadre that were deployed at the time out West.  Robert Lee, who graduated a few years earlier and higher in the class than most of his home boys, took sides with Virginia and the insurgents.  Others stayed with their then-current employer, Tio Sam.  So you say that everyone should be afforded an opportunity to make that decision today?”

A         “Exactly.  The Great National Migration.  Very clean, very elegant.”

E         “I suspect that the District of Columbia would elect to go with the Free States.”

A         “Probably.  DC could also attain statehood immediately.  Again, very clean, very elegant.”

E         “The battle lines in America are clear, although the specific boundary lines are cloudy.  The resource extraction states would go with the Slave States; the states with exploitable natural resources do not need human resources.  The entire state of Oklahoma would, of course, go with the Slave States.  A state like Minnesota would be torn, like the Virginia of old, possibly in twain.  M. Bachman and her ilk would go with the Slave States, K. Ellison and his followers would go with the Free States.”

A         “And then there is Wisconsin.”

E         “By the way, you’re hosed.”

A         “Not to worry.  A friend and I agree that each of us will be forced to leave or will be driven from our respective states.  We agreed to swap houses.  A Section 1031 exchange is possible.  The possibilities are endless.  There is no downside.  Neither side would need to compromise its principles.  The Great National Dissolution is one of the most, if not the most, clean, elegant, practical, and principled resolutions of an intractable problem in the history of humankind.”

E         “I’ll concede that the solution is Pareto Optimal.”

A         “And allows all of us everywhere to . . . immanentize the eschaton.”

. . .

[See the “e-ssay” dated January 3, 2005 titled “Boycott Red America (January 3, 2005).”]   

Bumper stickers of the week:

Lee Surrendered, I Didn’t

Better Dead Than Red

Better Red Than Read

The Great National Dissolution:  Coming To A State Near You

Only those who have already immanenetized the eschaton warn against immanentizing the eschaton.

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