Another Solstice (June 20, 2011)

. . .

O          “Solstice is a regular reminder of something more ominous.  The Last Sunset.  Seems like a day to mourn rather to celebrate.  The day is heralded as the beginning of Summer, yet the day harbingers the ending of additional day light.  Summer is otherwise just dawning and just finishing the first quarter, yet Nature reverses the rheostat and lowers the lights.”

Y          “Summer is more like a hockey game.  The lights go up during the first period – Memorial Day – and then down before the second period – Independence Day.  The third period – Labor Day – eases the transition to Fall.”

O          “The lights should stay on until half time.  Keep them lit until July 21.”

Y          “It is what it is.  The second period may not offer as much light, yet it is still warm.  There is lots of time to play.”

O          “And each Solstice appears to arrive sooner every year.  We should be inspired by the golden-crowned sparrow that enchants us with its plaintive song all Summer.”

. . .

Bumper stickers of the week:

Carpe Diem

Why not enjoy the day

Fishing is fast; catching is slow.

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