A Taxing Explanation (August 22, 2011)

. . .

R          “We paid no taxes and ate one meal every three days.”

L          “I like the no taxes part.”

R          “We didn’t pay taxes because we didn’t have income.”

L          “I don’t like the no income part.”

R          “Then during the Eisenhower administration – he was a Republican – taxes were as high as ninety percent.”

L          “Taxes shouldn’t be even ten percent.”

R          “We paid beaucoup taxes and ate three meals every day.”

L          “I don’t like the taxes part.”

R          “An empty stomach can fill the brain.  I learned a simple lesson in life.  If you get to pay taxes, you get to eat.”

L          “You WHAT?”

R          “When I get up in the morning, my consuming ambition is to find a way to pay taxes so that I can break my fast.”

L          “YOU WHAT?”

. . .

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