Courage and Cowardice And Candidates (May 14, 2012)

. . .

4          “O’Bama gets outed by his vice president the same week that Willard gets outed by his friends.”

5          “O’Bama was caught off guard and provided an unguarded insight into what he really believes.  He does not hate.  Romney is a bully and a coward.”

4          “Willard is going to give bullying a bad name.  He should accept the blame for his criminal activity in high school.”

5          “The group known as the ‘Press’ is giving him an unwarranted press pass.  The police could have and should have issued a warrant for arrest.  Yet the ‘Press’ is describing ‘felonious assault’ on a person as ‘pranks’ and ‘hijinks’.  And Romney says that he is clueless and does not hate queers.”

4          “’Mean Boys’ become ‘Mean Men.’  They rarely ‘man up.’  Willard has revealed himself because he has not ‘manned up.’  Rather he adopted the old ‘Mistakes were made’ and ‘Boys will be thugs’ stratagem.”

5          “He will not accept blame, but he will claim unfounded credit.  He is taking credit for the bailout of the auto industry after having opposed the bailout of the auto industry.”

4          “He continues to give flip-flopping a bad name.”

5          “Sounds like Romney may take credit for creating the Internet.” 

4          “Who could blame him.”

. . .

Bumper stickers of the week:

My Presidential candidate can beat up your Presidential candidate

Put a bully behind the bully pulpit

The race is now between a centrist/conservative and a corporatist/culture warrior

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