Armstrong (August 27, 2012)

. . .

1          “Legstrong is not sexy.”

2          “Walk on moon, pedal a bike.  More leg than arm.”

1          “Some members of the public will opine that he did not receive a de novo trial before the United States Supreme Court, yet the court of public opinion may do a clearer job of determining truth.  Something did not seem right about him and so many of the other riders who were too superhuman.”

2          “Where is the line?  What is the rule?  Photos can be photo shopped.  Songs can be synthesized.  With the intervention of editors and the involvement of focus groups, a book is about as individual an accomplishment as winning the Tour de France is a singular achievement.  Athletes are as much a product of technology as of training.  Who is the real thing?  What is real?”

1          “Neil was real.  He did it with skill, sang-froid, integrity and humility.”

. . .

(Neil Armstrong – 1930 – 2012)

Bumper stickers of the week:

One small step . . .; one giant leap . . .

Girls like guys on bikes

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