The Conservative Solution To Affirmative Action (October 15, 2012)

. . .

CL1      “So the Supremes are going after affirmative action again.”

CL2      “Hostile Rich White Boys are not the most neutral arbitrators of opportunity.”

CL1      “In the American selection process, their kids can get into any college and law school just by calling up and then showing up.  ‘Justice Jerry’s son here.  See ya’ in September.’”

CL2      “The dispute comes down to the one last spot between the White kid from an unconnected family who does not otherwise appear to be a profitable prospect for the academic institution versus a Black kid who may be 43 SAT points short yet has attained in the face of limited opportunity.”

CL1      “Too many Americans refuse to acknowledge the impact of slavery and the Great Hundred Year War Of Terror in America from 1865 to 1965.  The epicenter was in the South but touched all of America with lasting effects today.”

CL2      “In 2003, Justice O’Connor and friends suggested an awkward but workable solution that is working awkwardly but solubly.  And gave it twenty-five years.  A shelf life on an exception to address what hopefully was an exceptional time in our history that was not exceptional.”

CL1      “Between you and me, I understand the anxiety spawned when the country’s highest court interprets the country’s most important document to allow for a remedy such as affirmative action which is at odds with the very right that is at issue.”

CL2      “Business, academia and other institutions have accommodated to the awkward modus vivendi without too much fuss in the last nine years.”

CL1      “The Supreme Rich White Boys, a gang that includes Thomas, have no business messing with precedent, tradition and settled practice.”

. . .

Bumper sticker of the week:

“White is right, Brown can stay around, but Black better get back.”  United States Supreme Court, June, 2013

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