Assigning Blame: The Lawyers: 50 Percent; The Non-Lawyer Public: 50 Percent; The Judges: 100 Percent (December 3, 2012)

. . .

C          “Lawyers have ruined the legal system.”

L          “Non-lawyers have ruined the legal system.”

C          “Lawyers are suing everyone.”

L          “Non-lawyer members of the public are suing everyone.  A lawyer brings and maintains a lawsuit, yet the suit is brought and maintained in the name of a non-lawyer member of the public.  If there is any possible financial reward, a non-lawyer member of the public will steam roll over anyone to get to court.  When he finds out what he can do to his creditors, even an individual who states adamantly that he wants to pay his debts will embrace the Bankruptcy Code and shed debts with zeal.” 

C          “They are encouraged by the lawyer to bring the lawsuit.”

L          “The non-lawyer member of the public makes the final decision.  That is not to say that a lawsuit should be not brought.  So many individuals and institutions do not care about the rights of an individual.  Yet, the most culpable persons in the entire process are the judges.  They fail far, far too many times with no accountability or responsibility.” 

C          “And all the judges are lawyers.”

L          “Judges regularly dismiss legitimate lawsuits and embrace bogus ones with no sound explanation.”

C          “The judges are lawyers.”

. . .

[C = Non-Lawyer Citizen; L = . . .]

[When it comes to judges in America, you get what you pay for.]

Bumper sticker of the week:

Is a judge just a political hack in a moo moo black?

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