President’s Day (February 18, 2013)

. . .

A           “Ben Franklin.”

B           “Me too.”

A           “At least he is memorialized on the hundred dollar bill.  Imagine how different the national experience would be if some of those who took silver had taken gold.”

B           “Jefferson’s reputation is declining in some quarters.”

A           “And yet he has a Memorial and is memorialized on my favorite dollar bill.  The great irony is that Grant’s mug is still on the fifty and some think his mug should have been on the police wall.”

B           “Granted that his reputation may never change.  And Jackson remains on the twenty despite his attitude toward slaves, Indians and Supreme Court decisions.  Rather than spending Benjamins today, I scratch a few sentences about each president and file them away.”

A          “My perception of each president’s legacy changes with changes in my world view and with information disclosed about presidents, particularly recent ones.”

B          “And be aware of and wary of those ideologues whose views of the Presidency changed on January 20, 2009.”

. . .

[The Supreme Court continues to resist the placement of cameras in the Big Court to keep an eye on them.  See the “e-ssay” titled SCOTUS on TV: “They Might Not Be Such Bastards” (March 26, 2012).]

[But we are still willing and able to place cameras in the sky to spy on each other.]

Bumper stickers of the week:

In order to service as many customers as possible, all ammunition sales are limited . . . .

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