The Supremes On Love And Voting (July 1, 2013)

. . .

L1        “The Constitution protects most of the people most of the time, but only some of the people can stand before the court and take a stand.  Those attorneys versed in ‘standing’ doctrine could sit around a card table.  Roberts decided that the folks who bellied up to the bar could not stand before the court and challenge to decision rejecting Proposition 8 in California.”

L2        “Not a bad compromise.  However, the Court should pause before it rejects what appears to be an outcome adopted by a valid public referendum.”

L1        “Or legislation adopted by a congressional vote.  Such as gutting provisions of the Voting Rights Act.  Congress voted to extend the VRA by a larger margin that any other substantive legislation in recent memory.” 

L2        “Roberts made findings of fact on appeal with no basis in fact.  Despite the allegations of the Gang of Five, America has not changed; the South has not changed; the Civil War continues.  The Department of Justice and the courts must moderate and mediate the racial war in America.”

. . .

L1        “Alito claims that gay marriage is a new invention.  The history of love is not his strong suit.  History really is not his strong suit.”

L2        “Being a suit is his strong suit.”

L1        “At least with regard to equal treatment of gays, the characters on the Court who have created their own history now are being overrun by history.”   

. . .

L1        “At least the Court, less the members on the right, is on the right and righteous path regarding the right to extricate the government from the marriage business.”

. . .

Bumper stickers of the week:

Of course the Constitution has its flaws, but it is a lot better than what we have now.

The Supremes:  You can hurry love

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