‘Romney – Negro Care’ Is Back In The News. Again. (September 30, 2013)

. . .

1          “The hatred is so virulent.”

2          “And all because a Black guy is trying to stay the impact of viruses.”

1          “Hate and fear; hate and fear; hate and fear; hate and fear.  The overriding fear is that ‘Romney – O’Bama Care’ will work.”

2          “The hatred and fear is implicitly endorsed by so many of the folks described as mainstream commentators who do not discuss what is really at play.”

1          “Life is usually just high school writ large.  The Tea Party types and their ilk in the Republican Party have regressed through high school back to kindergarten.  Kindergarten writ small.  Spoiled little children who need to be spanked lovingly and sent to the time out room.”

2          “The Constitution does establish minimum age requirements to serve in the House and the Senate.”

1          “They only look at the date of birth rather than intellectual and emotional maturity.  When it is called ‘Obamacare,’ there is some resistance, but when it is called the ‘Affordable Care Act,’ there is great interest.”

2          “That is why the Tea Partiers would like to call it ‘N-word Care.’”

. . .

1          “No Republican voted for the Affordable Care Act.  Their votes were recorded and given full force and effect.  They lost.  The Act passed muster before the Republican-controlled Supreme Court.  The Republican members of the House have taken more that forty votes to repeal the legislation.  The Senate provides the mature insight.  It is settled for now.”

2          “The Republicans condemned the employer mandate and then condemned O’Bama for deferring the employer mandate for a year.  Dishonest or hypocritical?”

1          “And the Republican commentators who are now condemning O’Bama for exercising too much power reversed their notions of constitutional law and presidential power the day O’Bama was inaugurated.  Seems dishonest and hypocritical to me.”

. . .

Bumper stickers of the week:

Bark more, Wag less.  Right?

Destroying the Republic to save the Republic.

If O’Bama proposed a bill to advance motherhood, the Tea Party would attack it.

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