Celebrating All Heroes (April 7, 2014)

. . .

L          “Opening the season with a celebration of heroes with guts and guns is appropriate.  Also acknowledging those with guts but no guns is appropriate but undone.”

M          “There is much singing, but they are the real unsung heroes.”

L          “Those who challenge the need for needless wars are never celebrated at public celebrations.”

M          “They are the ones who would prefer that heroic deeds be done in stateside villages.  Teach a kid to read, build a park, plant a garden.”

. . .

M          “Those who may not acknowledge their quarrel with their prior military campaign often wear patches that proclaim:  ‘All gave some; some gave all.’  They are less likely to carry a sign or sport a bumper sticker that observes:  ‘There are no unwounded soldiers.’”

L          “Those who gave some and are not unwounded occasionally snap.”

. . .

Bumper stickers and patches of the week:

All gave some; some gave all

There are no unwounded soldiers

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