Je ne suis pas Charlie; Je ne suis jamais Charlie:  Free Speech v. Hate Speech (February 2, 2015)

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W1       “The Supreme Court’s test for free speech is the benchmark for the West.  ‘Free speech is fine as long as I agree with and approve of the message and the messenger.’  The restrictions on selected expression in France, Germany, Europe and America are just that – they are restrictions on free expression.  Looking at the matter from the perspective of a Muslim, nothing whatsoever is more sacred or cherished in this life than Mohammed, and yet there are no restrictions on puerile attacks.  Others may not understand the reaction because their divine being is not as central in their lives.”

W2       “Suggesting that someone’s enthusiasm for his or her divine being is deeper and more profound than someone else’s devotion may spark a cranky response.  A Religious Fervor Index?”

W1       “One must look at how the legal regime in Europe and America appears to someone who has not been acculturated to accept the hypocrisy and dishonesty that underpins Western law.”

W2       “So it’s ‘hate speech’?”

W1       “Either apply one standard and characterize it as hate speech or reject the current hypocrisy and dishonesty and embrace unthrottled free expression.  I vote for unthrottled free expression.  That, I concede, will result in some unhappy people in many camps.  In addition, self-restraint is not the worst idea.”

. . .

Bumper stickers of the week:

Chuck who?

Humanity’s motto:  To Enslave and To Colonize and To Throttle (Free Speech).

Free Speech Is Free Speech

Quasi-Free Speech Is Not Free Speech

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