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Interest Rates ‘risin’? (March 30, 2015)

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. . .

1          “Can they.”

2          “May they.”

1          “Could they.”

2          “Should they.”

. . .

1          “The Federal Reserve cannot allow interest rates to rise because the Federal Government would be obligated to pay staggeringly more interest to service the ever metastasizing National Debt.”

2          “Someone in the Bureaucracy must be sober enough to realize that a rise in rates will trigger profound and devastating economic and financial consequences.  Everyone will need to look up the word ‘derivatives’ in the dictionary.”

1          “I could see the Federal Reserve raising rates by ‘25 basis points,’ as they say, to show that they cannot do nothing.  If they appear effete, they are effete.” 

2          “Even a quarter percent rise may be enough to tip over the economic and financial game.  Perhaps in desperation the Fed can generate real inflation then the Federal Government can pay the interest on the National Debt with deflated dollars . . . which reduces the real cost to the Government.”

1          “The Federal Reserve does what it wants to do, but its primary mandate is to maintain price stability.  Inducing gross price instability is directly contrary to its raison d’etre.  But then, do they care?”

. . .

2          “The dollars may not be worth anything in a few years, yet I will not pay money to store my money in a bank and also risk having my money confiscated by the bank to pay the debts of the bank.”

1          “When they slither from the ZIRP – zero interest rate policy – to the NIRP – negative interest rate policy – and start charging me to keep my deposits in their failing financial institutions, I am tucking all of my money in the Sealy Posturepedic Credit Union.”

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[See the e-commentary at Money “In The Bank” Or “Under The Mattress” (October 8, 2012).]

Bumper stickers of the week:

Compound interest is described as the greatest invention of the 20th Century, yet it may be the most vexing challenge confronting governments in the 21st Century.

“The first panacea for a mismanaged nation is inflation of the currency; the second is war.  Both bring a temporary prosperity; both bring a permanent ruin.  But both are the refuge of political and economic opportunists.”  Ernest Hemingway, “Notes on the Next War:  A Serious Topical Letter,” Esquire, September 1935

What goes down must go up?

ZIRP (Zero Interest Rate Policy) = Official National Policy . . . for all time?

NIRP (Negative Interest Rate Policy) = the straw that breaks

Global Climate Craziness (GCC) And Taxation (March 23, 2015)

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A          “Global climate change is the most accurate and neutral description of the mess.  The globe is warming in some places and cooling in other places.  And the boundaries are neither certain nor stable.  And the contours are changing and shifting like a lava lamp.”

B          “Global climate craziness, I say.  The changes also involve geopolitical considerations.  In the warmer climates, tax participation is more relaxed.  In Italy, speed limits and tax obligations are purely advisory.  In Greece, tax obligations hardly rise to a nuisance or an inconvenience.  Why bother.  By contrast, in Sweden, Norway, Finland and other cooler climates, tax rates are much higher and tax participation is much greater.  Global climate craziness may have a greater impact on the fiscal health of a nation than the pundits have acknowledged.”

A          “And the Fins finish first in math.”

. . .

B          “The ‘Sunburnt Country’ adopted a celebrated ‘carbon cap and trade program’ for two years before the reactionaries and wankers rejected it.  In the next go round, Australia should take the lead, adopt a ‘carbon fee and dividend program’ and skewer the notion that hot countries are against rational taxes.  It is getting crazy out there.”

A          “Seems that their situation could be described by the outmoded term – global warming.”

. . .

Bumper sticker of the week:

“I worry about the world I am leaving to my five children and my twelve grandchildren.”  “Imagine the world you should be leaving to your two children and your four grandchildren.”

Barry And Joe, G. I. (March 16, 2015)

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. . .

B          “Not Biden.”

. . .

A          “Courtesy of President and Commander-In-Chief Truman’s sagacious executive order in 1948 desegregating the military, more Blacks give orders to Whites per capita in the U.S. military than in any other industry, endeavor or activity.  At the same time, the majority of the U.S. military hold their current Commander-In-Chief in contempt and derision because he is Black.”

B          “The military may tolerate a female Commander-In-Chief less reluctantly than a Black Commander-In-Chief.”

A          “A Black female Commander-In-Chief?”

B          “The entire military, including the Coast Guard and the National Guards, might refuse to fight.”

A          “And America could begin the transition from a bankrupt Empire to a sustainable Republic.”

. . .

B          “However, the chain of command still functions.”

. . .

Bumper sticker of the week:

You will like the Commander-In-Chief.  And that is an indirect order.  If you want to follow it.

On Roiling And Rolling Collapse (March 9, 2015)

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6          “We as humans need heat measured in calories inside us and heat measured in British Thermal Units outside us to survive.  We have two external skins – our clothes and our shelter – to retain some of the outside heat.  In hot climates, we transfer heat from us back to the environment.”

9          “My food comes from the grocery shelf and heats me from the inside.  My electricity comes from the wall and heats me on the outside.  Bingo.”

. . .

3          “There seems to be this notion that Collapse is a binary concept – it either is or is not here.  On the domestic front, if one looks at Katrina, Ferguson, the failed ‘just-us’ legal system, the health care-less system, a fraudulent financial system, a kleptocracy not a democracy, etc., we have ‘Rolling Collapse’ or ‘Cascading Collapse.’  And the international arena is a string of wars, wars, wars and wars.  And currency wars.  And commodity wars.  And resource wars.  And wars.”

6          “Keep the apocalypticlit in perspective.  We need to keep one foot in each world and both eyes on all the possibilities.  Follow the Golden Rule, move money from a bank to a credit union, don’t touch plastic in any form and do reduce, reuse, recycle and compost.  Hope instead of fear.  Trust instead of terror.  Mudita instead of schadenfreude.  We cannot continue on the path we are on, so we must find a path to the middle way.”

9          “The Golden Rule.  He who has the gold makes the rules.  I am getting the gold.”

. . .

9          “I can get on the Internet, order it in any size or color from anywhere and get it delivered to my front door the next day.  Monogrammed, if I want.  And pay with plastic rather than gold.  Nearly immediate gratification with delayed satisfaction of the bill.  Immediate gratification if I want to drive to the store.  Everything is sweet.”

3          “What happens when the Internet becomes the Inter-mittent-net or the phones don’t connect or the planes don’t fly or the truck doesn’t truck?”

9          “Not in my lifetime.”

3          “The monogram machine breaks?”

9          “Not on my watch.”

. . .

3          “Select your century or be defaulted to the Fifteenth Century.  If you want to slow your descent at the Eighteenth Century, acquire a manual tool to replace every tool motivated by a motor or an engine.  Acquire a treadle sewing machine to replace the electric variety and a bow saw to replace your chain saw.”

9          “I am the Twenty-First Century.”

6          “A hand grinder for coffee beans is percolating up the wish list.”

9          “Except for my autoloaders, all my iron is handheld, manual and wireless.  I’m prepared.”

6          “Music is our escape and our salvation.  An old hand–crank gramophone to listen to Liszt may need to move up the list.”

. . .

6          “You know what they say:  ‘God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.’  I may need to acquire manual do-it-yourself versions of all three virtues to get through the day.”

3          “Try yard sales.  Or estate sales.”

. . .

[See the e-commentary at We Ain’t Ants; We Are Grasshoppers (April 9, 2012) and at Fukushima Daiichied (March 12, 2012).]

Bumper stickers of the week:

Collapse:  Coming to a planet near you?

Give bees a chance

We seek stasis, we get entropy

“A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.”  Robert A. Heinlein

A half dozen six-word memoirs constitute an “e-poem” titled “Take only pictures; Leave only footprints.”

Many live humans; Few dead dinosaurs.

Disregard the e-con-omists; Regard the physicists.*

Change your attitude; Range the latitudes.

Pay old bills**; Develop new skills.

Consume less junk; Savor more beauty.

So many challenges; So little time.

* And the eco-nomists.

** Craft your own financial game plan.  With hyperinflation on the way, purposefully delaying the payment of bills allows one to pay obligations with significantly devalued dollars.  That is one of the strategies being pursued by the governments.

Giuliani – Draft Dodger And Chickenhawk (March 2, 2015)

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. . .

5          “He dodged the draft – catch this – by claiming that he needed to be a clerk for a federal judge in New York.”

7          “Now I’ve heard everything.  The guys in the trenches on the front lines always bemoaned and blasted the Rear Echelon Mother Fighter, the REMF, who had no idea what combat is like.  Lollygagging in New York is the ultimate Rear Echelon Mother Fighter job.”

5          “Glass houses are revealing places.”

. . .

5          “He exploited ‘9/11’ for fame and fortune.”

7          “He coined the phrase ‘9/11’ as a noun, a verb and even a conjunction.”

5          “Using the catastrophe at the World Trade Center as a profit center is unseemly.”

. . .

5          “Democrats such as McGovern, Gore, Kerry, Cleland, and Webb are war veterans.  Republicans such as Giuliani, Bush, Cheney, Romney and Ashcroft are draft dodgers.  Democrats don’t like going to war unless necessary.  Republicans do like going to war but like to send others to fight the war.”

7          “We need to bring back the draft to force the Ruling Class to struggle with avoiding it.”  

5          “Glass houses are revealing places.”

. . .

Bumper stickers of the week:

Chickenhawks For War

“No one man nor group of men incapable of fighting or exempt from fighting should in any way be given the power, no matter how gradually it is given them, to put this country or any country into war.”  Ernest Hemingway, “Notes on the Next War:  A Serious Topical Letter,” Esquire, September 1935.