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Giuliani – Draft Dodger And Chickenhawk (March 2, 2015)

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5          “He dodged the draft – catch this – by claiming that he needed to be a clerk for a federal judge in New York.”

7          “Now I’ve heard everything.  The guys in the trenches on the front lines always bemoaned and blasted the Rear Echelon Mother Fighter, the REMF, who had no idea what combat is like.  Lollygagging in New York is the ultimate Rear Echelon Mother Fighter job.”

5          “Glass houses are revealing places.”

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5          “He exploited ‘9/11’ for fame and fortune.”

7          “He coined the phrase ‘9/11’ as a noun, a verb and even a conjunction.”

5          “Using the catastrophe at the World Trade Center as a profit center is unseemly.”

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5          “Democrats such as McGovern, Gore, Kerry, Cleland, and Webb are war veterans.  Republicans such as Giuliani, Bush, Cheney, Romney and Ashcroft are draft dodgers.  Democrats don’t like going to war unless necessary.  Republicans do like going to war but like to send others to fight the war.”

7          “We need to bring back the draft to force the Ruling Class to struggle with avoiding it.”  

5          “Glass houses are revealing places.”

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Bumper stickers of the week:

Chickenhawks For War

“No one man nor group of men incapable of fighting or exempt from fighting should in any way be given the power, no matter how gradually it is given them, to put this country or any country into war.”  Ernest Hemingway, “Notes on the Next War:  A Serious Topical Letter,” Esquire, September 1935.

Imposing The Draft . . . At State (November 19, 2007)

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Imposing the Front Door Draft will ignite the State U’s (Universities) from inaction into action.  Imposing the Draft at the State Department is igniting a backlash.  During the prior Iraq-like misadventure (Vietnam), a posting to Ho Chi Minh City (then Saigon) was a plum assignment for a young and ambitious FSO (Foreign Service Officer) (e.g. A. Lake or R. Holbrooke).  Now, the State Department may need to conscript FSOs to outfit the Baghdad Alamo Embassy.  Those who are in a position to know what is happening know what is happening.

Bumper sticker of the week:

Hell, no, we won’t go