On Male “Diss” “Coarse” And Electioneering (March 21, 2016)

. . .

K          “They looked like vultures sitting on a circular fence waiting for a kill or to kill or to be killed.  Hunched over and looking back over their shoulders and then looking left and right, only a fool would dare speak.  If someone ventured to say something, the others would jump on the speaker and maul him.  Emotionally stunted, each hunched in wounded silence.  That was the only safe course of action and the only safe recourse during their charming diss-coarse.” 

. . .

J          “Sounds like the Republican Presidential debates except that they scream at each other mindlessly rather than suffering in silence.  And the one who is the most obstreperous and boisterous and obnoxious is winning.”

K          “They sure are ‘dissing’ each other and they sure are ‘coarse’ with each other.”

. . .

Bumper stickers of the week:

God grant me the serenity; To ignore this cacophony

Peaceful Equinox

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