Debt Ceiling Dilly-Dallying?  Term Limit Amendment = Balanced Budget Amendment (December 11, 2017)

. . .

K          “Sort of.  With the Term Limit Amendment, budgets may become slightly less imbalanced.  When a few individuals gain far too much seniority and power, they consume an extraordinary and inefficient amount of resources”

J          “A young senator starts in an office at the top floor of the Russell Building and works his or her way over the decades to the first floor of the Hart Building.  At that time, it is time to show him or her the door.”

. . .

K          “If you want to start on the road to a balanced budget, enact term limits.”

. . .

K          “Why pass an amendment demanding that you pass a balanced budget when it is far easier simply to pass a balanced budget.  If you want to pass a balanced budget, then pass a balanced budget.”

J          “There is a simpler and more concrete solution.  No subcommittee shall schedule a hearing on a balanced budget amendment until the budget is first balanced.”

K          “If it cannot be done and will not be done, why pass a law decreeing that it shall be done.”

. . .

[See the e-commentary titled “Term Limits (May 14, 2007),” “The “Contract with America”; The Congressional Reform Act of 2010 (March 29, 2010),” “Bringing Balance To The Balanced Budget Amendment Debate (July 18, 2011),” “Over The Cliff Or At The Foot?  (December 31, 2012)” and “The People’s Amendment:  Contract With America (April 29, 2013)”.]

Bumper sticker of the week:

Term Limit Amendment = Balanced Budget Amendment

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