Mono-poly (June 3, 2019)

. . .

K          “One – many.”

J          “One from many.”

. . .

K          “The pork industry in the heartland is in a few hands and the industry farming out government pork in the District of Swampville is concentrated in a few hands.”

J          “All the pig knuckles are in one hand.  T-Mobile and Sprint are merging.  The FCC is also in one hand – the telecommunications industry – and is not the protector of the public good or the common weal.  On the other hand, those who know remind us that the transition from four to three major wireless carriers will drive up prices and drive down quality.”

K          “Hands down.  Ma Bell’s daughters are assembling another coterie.”

. . .

K          “Office Depot and OfficeMax merged and may create ‘Office Heaven’ for all your office needs.”

J          “Or ‘Office Hell’ if they go the way of all monopolists in America.”

K          “Before the turn of the millennium, Dick Cabela and Cabela’s made some first rate jackets, pants, shirts and other gear and then with each passing year uniformly and consistently reduced the quality and durability of their products.  Bass Pro recently devoured the little fish Cabela’s.  ‘OutdoorsRUs’ will produce lower quality and higher priced products.”

J          “I was not shocked to find that Zareba joined ElectroBraid and Fi-Shock to form the largest manufacturer of electric fence systems in North America.”

. . .

J          “With the final demise of ‘Ma and Pa Businesses’ comes the death, spiritual and financial, of ma and pa and then the death of their community.” 

. . .  

[See “Monopoly Power Is Growing In Response To Sustainable Development” in “Technology News & Trends” by Patrick Wood dated April 4, 2019”, “Supreme Court Allows Antitrust Suit Against Apple to Proceed” in “The New York Times” by Adam Liptak dated May 13, 2019, “America’s monopoly problem, in one chart” in “Vox” by Emily Stewart dated November 26, 2018, “Big Companies Are Getting a Chokehold on the Economy” in “Bloomberg” by Noah Smith dated February 22, 2018”, “America Has a Monopoly Problem–and It’s Huge” in “The Nation” by Joseph E. Stiglitz dated October 23, 2017.]

[See the e-commentary at “Are ‘Prices’ A Language?  Are Antitrust Laws Grounded In The First Amendment?  How Do We Forestall The “Frightful Five” And Other Monopolies?  Oh, And Happy Halloween! (October 30, 2017)”, “The Great Google Wall (June 27, 2016)”, “Less Government Regulation Series:  Google (November 30, 2009)”, “Should You ‘Friend’ The Tech Beast And Behemoths? (October 23, 2017)” and “Restraining Google/Alphabet And Damming Amazon (July 17, 2017)”.]

Bumper sticker of the week:

“Today, four companies produce 84 percent of our beef.  Four companies control the world’s grain market.  Six corporations [GE, Disney, News Corp, Viacom, Time Warner and CBS] control 90 percent of the media.  Ten companies control everything you buy.  Three companies completely dominate the farm equipment market.  Fourteen companies control the entire global auto industry.  You get the idea.  This extends to many different industries where giant global corporations are gobbling up everything in sight.  How did we get to this point?”  Patrick Wood, “Monopoly Power Is Growing In Response To Sustainable Development

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