Volkswagen (VW).  The Bottom Half Of The German Engineering Class Must Go Somewhere.  Boeing? (July 1, 2019)

. . .

K          “Pressure from a valve on the spare tire was used to propel the windshield washer fluid on the wind screen.  The shortcut was innocuous and the source of some prideful stories by owners who limped into a gas station on the spare tire with a dirty windshield.”

J          “The solution to deliver the solution is clever, quirky, goofy, weird, beautiful, and idiosyncratic at the same time.”

K          “Benign, amusing and harmless.  That is not my quarrel.”

. . .

K          “The lifeless VW 411 was VW’s limp response to the legendary Volvo 122S and featured an air conditioning unit placed right behind the newly-legislated five-mile impact front bumper so that the slightest tap destroyed the cooling unit.  The location was glaringly ill-conceived and definitely not Teutonic.”

J          “And the corporate suits with VW mounted a full scale, full contact defense of their transgression and never even offered a ten dollar off coupon.  The decline of the company was driving in fifth gear.”

. . .

K          “They tinkered further and spewed the VW Jetta that features an aluminum oil pan facing forward a few centimeters above the tarmac and splits with only a modest impact.”

J          “And if you do not stop immediately, the “Change engine light” flashes red insistently.”

. . .

K          “And the general public is not even aware that the executives took a play out of the Harvard Business School playbook and doctored all the emissions figures while spewing pollution.”

. . .

K          “Should a company with such a deep-rooted vile and evil culture be disbanded and its assets sold to the highest bidder?”

J          “Then what would the bottom half of the German engineering class do?”

K          “Boeing is interviewing.” 

. . .

Bumper sticker of the week:

The bottom half of the class makes the top half of the class possible

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