Covid-19 PanICdemic/Plague:  The Plague Of Lies Is Pandemic;  Everyone In The Know Knows;  Does Trumpi Know Something? (April 6, 2020)

. . .

J          “Just imagine if he had called a press conference on Valentine’s Day and worn a mask.  And told the truth to the American people.  A heart-breaking message on a day of otherwise heart-warming messages.  The world is in for the fight of its life.  The image would have become as iconic as George Washington crossing the Delaware or the first man landing on the Moon.  The picture would have appeared on the late December 2020 ‘Time’ magazine ‘Person Of The Year’ cover and would have redeemed and exonerated so many of his sins.  He would have won every state and the District of Columbia.  And we would not be in this nightmare.”

. . .

K          “He is incapable of greatness.  He is incapable of goodness.  He is incapable.  But he may be capable in a crazy, twisted and bizarre way.  You cannot come up with a solution unless you understand the problem.  Everything is still sketchy and uncertain and ever-changing, yet Covid-19 could be a blood disorder rather than a respiratory disease.  The problem with Covid-19 may be not that the lungs are unable to deliver the oxygen to the body, but that the blood is not able to deliver the oxygen to the body.  If you start with the assumption that it is a blood disorder that destroys the blood’s ability to transport oxygen, you should expect to and do see all the debilitating respiratory symptoms that we are seeing in the hospitals.  Treat upstream.  And that brings me to the question whether Trumpi’s proposed solution has some modicum of merit in some cases?”

J          “You do not understand the problem.  A virus does not interfere with a red blood cell.  Stay with reality-based medicine.  They and you are way off base.  And Trumpi is absolutely clueless.”

K          “What if this Virus does interfere with the cell?  And what if one possible remedy works but does not make sense?  Use it now and then let the wonks later make sense of it.”

. . .

K          “Some analogize to the effects one suffers with ‘High Altitude Pulmonary Edema’ [HAPE], yet that name is not going to sell in most of America.  I suggest something like ‘Sea Level Pulmonary Edema’ [SLePE] to make it local and palatable.”

J          “I’ll play along.  How about ‘Mile High Pulmonary Edema’ [MHiPE] in Denver.” 

. . .

K          “Most Americans who do not work for a corporation/institution, public or private, do not have health care and must self-diagnose and self-treat.  This is life in the fourth-world corporation known as the American Kleptocracy.  An American hospital is an institution commandeered by a hedge fund to squeeze a profit at the expense of the health and welfare of the American public.”

. . .

K          “At this time, it may be an incomplete and inadequate solution, but in a small dose it may be effective and is not as unsafe as some suggest.  I also must be my own FDA and my own MD.  That is why I need a thermometer and a pulse oximeter and the knowledge to use them.  We are on our own; I am on my own.”

J          “The regimen is desperate and possibly dangerous and deadly.”

K          “It may be.  I am concerned that the current approach followed by the medical establishment violates the Hippocratic Oath.  It may be doing more harm.  Based on the limited and incomplete information I have reviewed today and subject to revision tomorrow, if my current blood saturation level goes from 100/99 to something under 88 and if my current temperature goes from a morning average temporal base line of 97.3 to something over 103 and if my current resting pulse goes from 49 to 99 and if a few more things on a chart I trust are present or suspect, I am going to give serious thought to giving the Trumpi Trifecta (hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine with azithromycin and zinc) a go.”

J          “This is the time when the word ‘stupid’ is felicitous and appropriate.  That approach is AMA and not the recommendation of the AMA.”

K          “I used chloroquine when I traveled in Asia with no harmful side effects.  Why does the Plague impact both lungs on every patient rather than just one lung on at least a few patients?  In the past, some pneumonia impacts only one lung.  The threat appears to be external to and then impacts both lungs.”

J          “It is virulent and aggressive.  You should expect it to spread to both lungs in every situation.”

K          “Is it really pneumonia in each case or a failure of the blood to transport oxygen that is manifested in a gasping and grasping for air that leads the observer to believe it is pneumonia?”

. . .

K          “If there is a possible cure with an available remedy, Big Pharma will oppose its use by the public.  The MSM will parrot the propaganda of Big Pharma and spend the advertising dollars to buy villas and give themselves awards.  Dr. Fauci has contributed, but he is a card-carrying member of the CIM, the Corporate Industrial Medicine.  He needs billion dollar budgets and an expensive vaccine with more side effects than the Trumpi Trifecta.  And ‘Time’ magazine has already printed the magazine with him on the cover as the ‘Person of the Year’ for 2020 with Big Pharma providing all the advertisements.”

J          “All true.  And the Kennedy Profiles in Cowardice Award may fast track him for the award in the next few weeks or at least by next year.  Big Pharma and the MSM and the CIM are all working together.  All vaccines must be shown to be safe, and also efficacious, and also profitable.  Despite the failure of all institutions, that does not excuse or justify an individual using something that is statistically unproven.”        

K          “In my situation, I must gamble that I am one of the positive anecdotes or risk being a negative statistic.  I have enough money to go to the morgue but not enough to go to the hospital.  And now I am convinced that the hospital is the second-to-the-last place I want go.  Once I got it and developed my own game plan, I felt better for myself but far worse for others who do not get it.” 

. . .

K          “By late January, everyone in the know knew that the Plague was coming.”

J          “I know for certain that I for one am not in the know and I know that I knew something troubling and worth our attention was coming via express mail in overdrive by early February.  I think it was Bill at the funeral on MLK Day, a Monday, who observed that it cannot be disregarded but may just turn out to be another seasonal flu.”

K          “Week 11.  I recognize in conversations with others that we are at a different intellectual and emotional place than the rest of the public.  And even the two of us are now at different places in our response.”

. . .

K          “Everyone in the know knew that there were not enough of the coveted and legendary and celebrated 3M N95 valved masks to go around, but everyone knew that everyone had to go around wearing a mask.”

J          “Without a doubt.  I told others that if they wear and remove and store and reuse just one mask properly, that one mask saves 500 masks downstream.  And if done by everyone, a few masks save thousands of lives downstream.  The Surgeon General lied about the use and efficacy of masks.”

. . .

J          “The ‘Plague of Lies’ may be the accurate and enduring description of the institutional responses from the WHO to the CDC to the Surgeon General to the White House to the MSM to the CIM and to many members of the SIC.”

K          “The grand irony is that the truth is proven to be true within weeks so that even your average ruthless amoral cunning and calculating psychopathic and sociopathic American leader should have embraced the truth as the winning bet a few weeks earlier.”

J          “When the truth becomes clear, yesterday’s lies are simply expunged from the record and new lies inserted by the President and the MSM and others.”

. . .

J          “While the good people desperately sought solutions, the Kleptocrats conspired with Congress to loot and plunder Trillions from the public.”

K          “This is a war on the Plague.  Everyone involved in the theft engaged in economic crimes against humanity and treasonous behavior.”

J          “And not one criminal will spend a day in jail.”

. . . 

K          “The country should be producing many more personal oxygen concentrators that are cheaper and quicker to manufacture than a ventilator and can then be used at home in an environment that may be more germ-free and thereby relieve the demand on hospital resources.”

J          “Ventilators seem to be coffins once removed.”

. . .

J          “The lies continue.  Now they do not want the public to use a pulse oximeter.  The argument is not that there are not enough of them.  The argument is not that the public does not know how to use them.  The argument is that the public does not need to know.  Hospitals already have a pulse oximeter wired into each monitor.”

K          “I need to know because I am my own and my only doctor.  Next they will target thermometers.  The novel coronavirus will spawn the novel ‘Fahrenheit Zero’ to describe the irrational and dishonest response of the big players.”

J          “Another day, another lie.”

. . .

K          “But Donaldo Trumpi may be on to something.  For the first time in recent history, God and Nature are working together to present us with a challenge.  Let’s do something novel and get it right.”

. . .

[See “People’s Skepticism About Covid-19 Is The Fault Of The Lying Mass Media” in “” dated March 31, 2020 by the award-winning investigative journalist and commentator Caitlin Johnstone.]

[See the e-commentary at “The Power Of Small Thinking (March 12, 2018)”.]

Bumper stickers of the week:

Having some states lock down and some states not lock down is like having a non-peeing and a peeing section in a swimming pool.

People keep asking me, ‘Is Covid-19 REALLY that serious?’  Listen y’all, the churches and casinos are closed.  When Heaven and Hell agree on the same thing, it’s probably pretty serious.

You do need a pulse oximeter to know what your sat [blood oxygen percentage] is.

The government focus should on locating, inventorying, refurbishing and building portable oxygen concentrators rather than ventilators.

As of today, Covid-19 appears to be a blood disorder rather than a respiratory disease.  The problem with Covid-19 may not be that the lungs are unable to deliver the oxygen to the body; the problem may be that the blood is not able to deliver the oxygen to the body.

2 + 2 = 4; 2 + 2 + 2 = 6; 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 8.

Plant a garden 

Puppy:  “Mom, why are humans wearing muzzles?”

Mom:    “Honey, they are just too dumb to learn to ‘sit’ and ‘stay’.”

A dyslexic poet writes inverse

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