Covid-19 PanICdemic/Plague:  Rioters / Protestors:  Too Much Noise / Too Little Signal (June 8, 2020)

. . .

K          “I have said for weeks the most devastating rioting and looting has been taking place in the suites in New York and DC not in the streets of Denver and Detroit.”

J          “I hear you.  It will not stop.  Last year as I recall around September 17, 2019, eight years to the day after the emergence of the Occupy Movement, the economy was heading into another major collapse.  And once again, the Federal Reserve stepped in and gave away billions via its repo purchases.  That was not enough.  Covid was and is a godsend for the Kleptocrats because it graciously provided cover and allowed the Federal Reserve to step in and give away trillions.  It just will not stop.”

. . .

J          “Being cooped up has also led many folks to fly the coop.  The legitimate and the undigested anger were unleashed, but the rage is unfocused.  The protestors are protesting about something more and something even the reflective ones would admit is difficult to describe.”

K          “I’m with you.  So much is wrong, yet too much has been needlessly destroyed.  So many of the hard-working business owners already confronted too many challenges and now likely will quit the market.”

. . .

K          “So now the statues have been beheaded, drowned, defaced, dethroned, destroyed and demolished rather than being properly displayed.  I still maintain that all the Confederate and genuinely offending statues should be removed from their public perch and carefully moved to museums and displayed with an explanatory historical text.”

J          “The statues should have been removed by reasonable minded politicians long ago.  The public has had it and did it for them.  The public needs to do things for themselves.”

. . .

J          “We need to rename a dozen military bases currently named for domestic terrorists.  What heroes should we celebrate to replace Fort Benning and Fort Bragg?”

K          “Fort E. Shinseki and Fort S. Butler, although Fort. S. Butler really should be a Marine base.  Or the new name for the Pentagon.”

. . .

K          “So much energy is being misdirected.  The rage and the energy must be directed at the Kleptocrats not just the cops who are doing their bidding.”

J          “The cops also must decide if they are with the power or with the people.”

. . .

[See the e-commentary at “Charlottesville . . . Chancellorsville? (August 14, 2017)” “Rerouting History (February 15, 2016)”, “The Confederate Flag:  What Does It Mean To You? (July 6, 2015)”, “Celebrate Virginia’s ‘Celebrate Slavery Month’ (April 12, 2010)”, “King Daze (January 20, 2014)”, “Dixie Visited (September 17, 2012)”, “Brown Is The New Black (February 18, 2008)” and “Columbus And The Redskins (October 14, 2013)”.]

Bumper stickers of the week:

No justice, no peace

Remove the statues; end the idolatry

Smedley Butler Pentagon

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