Hiroshima And Nagasaki At 75 (August 10, 2020)

. . .

K          “I have a vague recollection that the parents said that maybe one possibly needed to be dropped to end the war, but maybe that was not the whole or the end of the story.  And if you can believe this, college provided more of the story and challenged the orthodoxy.”

J          “Trying to figure out why the second one was dropped is what got me trying to figure out why the first one was dropped.”

. . .

K          “During the course of the presentation, all but a pair politely got up one at a time every few minutes and left and left me conversing with two polite but unconvinced WW Two Vets.”

J          “The conventional spin has a half-life that far exceeds their lives and our lives.”

. . .

K          “At the time, Eisenhower and many others were against Truman’s decision to drop.  My esteem for Truman has been dropping while my esteem for Eisenhower has been rising, although I would rather have had Stevenson.”

J          “Agree.  To his credit, Truman did end discrimination in the military at the same time that he gave rise to the uncontrolled and uncontrollable MICAC that Eisenhower would warn us about on his way out the door.”

. . .

[See “Our Series on the Atomic Bomb” in “Consortium News” dated August 10, 2020 and “ATOMIC BOMBINGS AT 75: My Father Was to Invade Japan; He Did Not Feel Saved By the Bomb” also in “Consortium News” dated August 9, 2020 by Francis Boyle.]

[See the note in the e-commentary at “O’Bama Revisited (January 17, 2011)” on Eisenhower’s insightful and prophetic speech.]

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Try Zinc

“The rights and wrongs of Hiroshima are debatable, but I have never heard a plausible justification of Nagasaki.”  Telford Taylor

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