Cameo In Courage Award Nominee: Julian Assange (January 31, 2022)

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Award nominations are accepted on an ongoing basis. Nominations received after February 15th of each year will be rolled over for consideration the following year. Ordinarily, the award will be made to living Americans who are or were elected officials.  Individuals at all levels of government—federal, state and local—are eligible for the award.  An emphasis will be placed on contemporary acts of political courage. Please consider the Award Criteria to determine whether the person you wish to nominate would be an appropriate recipient of the Profile in Courage Award®.

Tell Us About Your Nominee for the Profile in Courage Award

Nominee First Name: Julian

Nominee Last Name: Assange

Act(s) of political courage for which your nominee is to be considered: Courageously standing up for free speech and courageously challenging illegal and immoral government action.

Enter other…

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All information submitted will be kept confidential by the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation and will be used only to communicate with you about your nomination and the Foundation’s activities.  No information on this form will be disclosed to any other person or entity.

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[See the Cameo In Courage Award for Julian Assange in 2019 at Fourth Annual “Cameo In Courage” Award For 2019 (April 8, 2019) and the most recent award at Sixth Annual “Cameo In Courage” Award For 2021 (April 5, 2021).]

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Make courage courageous again


A Petition to President Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.:  Pardon Julian Assange

Whereas Journalist Julian Paul Assange and his media organization, Wikileaks, has in the respected tradition of American journalism obtained and published information that is classified and newsworthy, a practice shared with the Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal and others and

Whereas in the fifteen years of its existence the authenticity and accuracy of materials published by Wikileaks has never been questioned or disputed and

Whereas assertion by the American Intelligence Services that Julian Assange is the agent of a “Hostile Foreign State” or the Russian government are politically suspect and completely unproven and denied by Assange and

Whereas Julian Assange has consistently denied that material obtained from the Democratic National Committee and published by Wikileaks came from the Russian State and has provided unimpeachable proof to U.S. authorities and

Whereas Julian Assange, now in failing health, is being held in solitary confinement and is being extradited by British authorities to the United States for trial and

Whereas Julian Assange is an impeccably-honest, incredibly-brave, humanitarian journalist, who provides an invaluable platform for whistleblowers and concerned citizens exposing corruption and criminality infesting governments, nullifying democracy and obliterating human rights, around the world and

Whereas there are absolutely no legitimate legal grounds to prosecute Assange and, as the U.S. Department of Justice admitted in 2013, doing so would expose all U.S. journalistic and news outlets to similar criminal jeopardy.

Therefore I urge President Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. to issue a full and unconditional pardon to the journalist Julian Paul Assange in the interests of justice, mercy, truth and unity.  This humanitarian act could be the most consequential and far-reaching action in your first term.

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